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Hutoushan Park All-age-friendly Hiking Trail (虎頭山公園全齡友善步道)


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Saturday: 08:00 – 17:00


Rich ecology: follow the turtles, dragonflies, and squirrels for an outdoor party.

No age differences. An easy trip suitable for everyone.


Living in a big city but eager to get closer to nature with kids? Looking for a suitable hiking trail for older family members? Located in downtown Taoyuan City, Hutou Mountain Park All-age-friendly Hiking Trail is wide, flat and well-paved for not only wheelchairs and baby strollers, but also all ages in the family. Coming here, mountain climbing can be easy and fun for families no matter how old you are or how far you could travel!

Hutoushan Park All-age-friendly Hiking Trail was originally 1.5km long. The trail starts from Owl Forest School and goes along Sansheng Rd. to Tao Xin Pavilion. In addition to connecting the Core Plaza, Picnic Area, Mushroom Pavilion, Rotary Pavilion and Jingde Temple, the trail has some new attractions and the circular iron-net Caterpillar Flower Tunnel is one of them. Visitors can walk through the tunnel, appreciate the dancing shadows of the trees and feel relaxed. Don't forget to take a look at the Squirrel House and the Bird Nest Treehouse. If you are lucky enough, you may surprisingly bump into the animals or birds living in the mountains. Moreover, the Fountain of Raindrops and the Three-layered Ecological Ponds (from top to bottom: Turtle Sunbath, A Home for Frogs, and Dragonfly) invite all visitors to explore the habitats for small animals and insects.

In August 2018 the second-stage construction for the Hutoushan Park All-age-friendly Hiking Trail was completed, with its length extended to 2.5km. The route is from the parking lot of Northern District Senior Citizens’ Activity Center to Martyr’s Shrine. There are no stairs the whole way. The trail also connects to Hutoushan Eco Park known for its night view through the Huling Breeze Trail.

Different from conventional concrete trails, Hutou Mountain Park All-age-friendly Hiking Trail is an elevated wooden trail that not only lessens human impact on the natural environment but also reduces soil erosion and thus spreads the seeds of environmental education! Along the forest hiking trail, you can exercise, take a forest bath and even have an ecology tour: watching butterflies flying throughout the greenery, among which are cypresses, small shellflowers, fragrant maple trees and heavenly bamboo, and exploring abundant nature and cultural dimensions of Hutou Mountain. This all-age-friendly hiking trail connects to other trails in the park and tourist attractions like Confucius Temple, Jing Guo Plum Garden and Hero Shrine are all in the neighborhood.



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■Mosquitoes are common in the mountain areas. Please wear long-sleeved shirts and pants.
■Because many people flock to the trail on holidays, we encourage visitors to make use of public transportation.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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