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Cycle Route along the North-Cross Island Highway (北橫公路自行車路線)


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Feeling trapped in daily routines? Why not plan a grand tour challenge that will definitely reboot your life? With the goal to "conquer the North Cross-Island Highway and triumph at 1000m above sea level," this is a really difficult cycling tour without riding a bus or driving a car because cyclists must cycle uphill for 80km. To takes cyclists from Taoyuan Daxi via Jiaoban Mountain, Dongyan Mountain and Baling to Yilan Jhuangwei, the cycling route provides spectacular scenery all along the way. While traveling through magnificent nature, you will get back your passion and original intention!
Starting from Kangzhuang Road in Daxi District, i.e. the starting point of the North Cross-Island Highway, you will first pass by Daxi Mausoleum and Cihu Mausoleum, which are especially quiet and secluded in the early morning before tourists flock there. As you keep riding up the gentle hill and pass by the New Baiji Tunnel, the relaxing tourists in nearby scenic restaurants or leisure farms and the busy cyclists on two wheels form an interesting comparison. Before entering Sanmin Village of Fuxing District, the route is a straight line and it is the best time to sprint and save your time. Next, keep cycling through the grand mountain scenery and tribal installation artworks via Yuanshanjiao and Xincun to Jiaoban Mountain Commercial District, the only refueling stop for cyclists to dine and drink before reaching Baling.
After passing by Mt. Jiaoban and entering Luofu Village, cyclists arrive one of the major three bridges along the Northern Cross-Island Highway, Luofu Bridge! Standing on the bridge to overlook the beauty of the Dahan River Valley, you will find yourself re-energized. The route continues uphill through Ronghua Tunnel, Xuewu Tunnel, Ronghua Dam for agricultural irrigation in the past, and extends to Piyaway Tribe, which is famous for its effort in protecting and preserving Mikado Pheasant and Swinhoe's Pheasant. Here, the Atayal people harmoniously coexist with nature and create a pleasant living space that provides a sense of belonging for its visitors. Be sure to get some rest at Sule to save energy for cycling all the way to Baling. The ordeal that really tests cyclists' endurance and stamina begins from the Baling Bridge followed by continuous steep uphill. These sections of the cycling route are truly difficult, but never give up because it's 50km since the beginning! After passing by Kuanghua and conquering series of hairpin turns, you've reached Sihleng, the crest of the North Cross-Island Highway. Seeing the traffic sign showing 1170m above sea level and indulging in the excitement is an unforgettable experience that you must have! Keep traveling downwards on the route to Sicun that crosses the boundary between Taoyuan and Yilan, and this cross-boundary cycling trip will soon end. In the Yilan County territory, the route is mostly downhill. After cycling across Mingchih National Forest Recreation Area and the final challenge, constant hairpin turns around Chilan, you can easily get to Yuanshan Township, Yilan City, and reach the easternmost point of the Northern Cross-Island Highway, Jhuangwei Gongguan, which brings a perfect end to the trip.




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■ The total length of the route is approximately 129.7km long.
■ There are many gravel trucks along the narrow winding road. Please slow down while cycling downhill.
■ Roadside emergency telephones are NOT available in some parts of the North-Cross Island Highway.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


Yuemei Parking Lot and Ciaotou Parking Lot are available at the Taoyuan Daxi starting point of the cycle route.