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Shihmen Reservoir Trails (石門水庫步道)

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Who says you must go up to the high mountains to see the magnificent autumn colors? Let us introduce you a popular low-altitude destination for fall leaves in the northern Taiwan, Shihmen Reservoir. When autumn turns into winter, mountains and forests get embellished by the fiery-red leaves on thousands of maple trees. As you walk along the trail and immerse yourself in the amazing fall foliage that can be comparable to that at high altitudes, your fatigue induced by hiking will soon be relieved.
Entering the region of Shihmen Reservoir from Gaoxian (High Line) Toll Station, tourists will first see rows of tall maple trees extending all the way as if a green tunnel. Along the lakeside, hikers keep coming and going. After passing by the Tiehyuan equipped with simple children's facilities and the eight-square Lansheng Pavilion to overlook Shihmen Dam, tourists can switch to the Maplewood Trail where maple trees above 30 years take on autumn colors in late autumn and stunningly beautiful butterflies fly and dance over the field! Also, tourists can step into the Rotary Pavilion to overlook the reflection of the red leaves in the surface of the rear pool of Shihmen Reservoir that creates a fascinating display of tranquil beauty. The stone steps in the Green Maple Park can be tourists' another destination to appreciate not only maple forests but also plum blossoms, each of which presents unique scenery in autumn and winter.
To keep moving forward and pass by the landmark bearing the inscription "Magnificent Views of Shihmen" and Yishange, tourist now come to Songtai Observation Pavilion, the best scenic lookout, from which they can have a marvelous panoramic view of the spillway and the Shihmen Dam from an altitude of 270m! If you are lucky enough to see the reservoir discharge, the tremendous water flow going through the dam is definitely worth it! Xizhou Park that is about 450m away from Pinglin Toll Station has a lotus pond, a valentine's bridge and a pedestrian trail that goes up and down with the terrain. Along the trail are a wide variety of trees, lush green lawns and gorgeous and agreeable views of the rear pool. On weekends, many visitors have a picnic here to enjoy their leisure time. Besides the Maplewood Trail, Green Maple Trail and the trail in Xizhou Park mentioned above, there are trails in the Katang Forest Park and Nanyuan Ecological Park for tourists to take a stroll and admire the views of Shihmen Reservoir.


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■ Every November to December is the best time to enjoy fall foliage along the Maplewood Trail and in the Green Maple Tree Park.
■ Every January to February is the best time to appreciate plum blossoms along the Green Maple Trail.
■Every February to March is the best season to view cherry blossoms at the Xizhou Park, Northern Region Water Resources Office and Shihmen Canal.
■Every March to April is the best time to appreciate fringe flowers on the lawn of Shihmen Reservoir.
■The section from Gaoxian (High Line) Toll Station to the landmark bearing the inscription "Magnificent Views of Shihmen" is a one-way road.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


To visit Shihmen Reservoir, visitors can park cars at Dock Parking Lot and Amuping Parking Lot.

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  • fudavidc

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Beautiful as sun moon lake

    Traveler rating:5 2019-04

    We was enjoy the great lunch there, we ride the motorbike to there, it's so comfortable and you can see the all Taoyuan city from top.
  • TravelerKai79

    Traveler type:


    Iconic old Taiwan landmark for local tourism

    Traveler rating:4 2018-12

    Family of 5 (kids 8, 11, 13), drove there in rental car which is necessary if you want to explore extensively. The entire area is kind of a national park with multiple areas of interest all of which are quite a distance apart and none of which are easily accessible using local transportation. The reservoir's claim to fame is as one of the major national building project in the post-WWII era and thus serves as an iconic symbol for the nation. We just went to the reservoir, but there are many other points of interest near by and you can spent a whole day there to make the most of the entrance fee. It's not a must see by any means, particularly for foreigners who might have seen more impressive reservoirs. But it's a good place to mingle with locals and see how they spend their day off. There are reminders of the Chiang's (old ruling presidential family of Taiwan) in many places, and you might be able to spot some local disdain for them. In general there are plenty of scenic spots throughout and the kids enjoyed exploring. Some areas are not very well guard-railed or separated between pedestrians and automotive traffic so be sure to hold on to the little ones. Pros: scenic, good for local spotting, many areas to explore Cons: safety measures are lacking for pedestrians, difficult to visit without your own car, not well marked particularly for foreigners, local cuisine seem over-hyped
  • 619jeffry

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    The neglected part of Taiwan

    Traveler rating:3 2019-01

    Shimen Reservoir needs some TLC, No one seems to care about it much. The tatty restaurants do nothing to improve the impression of neglect. It's not a lake, it's a reservoir supplying water to Taipei. You're drinking this muddy stuff, look at it and shudder.
  • ROCruiser


    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Relaxing Day Out

    Traveler rating:4 2018-04

    I have been here a few times in the past but this time we looked at the dam and the power plant from the other side of the reservoir after our delightful lunch of 'huoyu' (live fish) in Longtan. There are bicyling and walking trails all around this area and it's definitely quite scenic. One can easily spend a whole day exploring this area without even getting up to the top of the dam where most tourists are.
  • 619jeffry

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Favourite day out for local people

    Traveler rating:4 2018-04

    Shimen Dam, to translate, is the Stone Gate Dam. I am often slightly puzzled about why the local people are attracted to the Dam, because it i s not all that scenic and water appears to be quite dirty. I see the Dam just about every time I am in Taiwan,as my cousin lives fairly close to the Dam and takes me there for lunch. The dam supplies water to Taipei City.

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