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Taoyuan Arts Plaza (桃園藝文廣場)


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There are streams of cars and a shopping district on the busy Zhongzheng Road. Taoyuan Arts Plaza, also thought of as the city’s "green gold", provides a place to fulfill people’s longings to get close to the nature. Because the area is over 33,333 square feet, and the vast field is mostly covered with grass, it is not hard to spot families playing frisbee and chasing each other around. On the wide trail, joggers can concentrate on jogging. "LOHAS" (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) is the attitude of life here. Taoyuan City Council recently listed this Arts Plaza as one of the "Top 100 Picnic Spots in Taoyuan". During holidays, you can see people sitting here and enjoying delicious snacks under the sunshine. There are also grass ditches and waterways installed around the plaza serving as water-reservation function for the base. On the other hand, due to its rich vegetation ecology, it is believed to be an excellent classroom for teaching about the environment. In addition, there are exhibition venues, such as outdoor performance venue and a square for small-scale performances. "The Meadow Concert", "Summer Family Art Festival" and "New Year's Eve Party" have been held here in the past. The goal is to close the gap between art and life, as well as to make the arts plaza a recreational, educational and all-rounded performance venue.
The biggest landmark of Taoyuan Arts Plaza is the Taoyuan Arts Center, which was built in 2010, and cost NTD 1 billion. The curving architectural design makes it very lively, echoing with the unrestrained possibility of the arts. With the refraction of sunlight, the LED light projection on the grid-like glass curtain represents a different style of architecture. Such modern design integrating an eco-construction method is also a local construction breakthrough. The indoor area is about 23,333 square feet, with seven floors on top and one underground basement, which has arts and culture salons, an indoor stage, and a recording room. The whole building can accommodate 1,800 people. Taoyuan Arts Center is seen as the most representative multi-functional art and culture platform in Taoyuan. "The 47th Golden Horse Awards", "2016 International Animation Exhibition" and such national events were held here, which also make the center famous.



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