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Longgang Forest Park (龍岡森林公園)


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Thursday: Open 24 hours a day
The opening of this over 33,333 square feet forest park next to Longgang sports field gives the Longgang region a more complete recreational space compared to the past. After some renovation, Longgang Park has become a lush green landscaping park. People can enjoy nature close-up, let their pets run around in the open space, and enjoy a happy and healthy life. Longgang Forest Park is a green land for recreational purposes, and was subsidized by the government for the purpose of improving the environment and the air quality. It also is the sixth best air quality area in Zhongli. The whole park is 2.5 hectares. There are black pines, Araucarias, camphor and 300 other original tree species. Colors and sceneries change as the seasons shift. Looking up the towering trees can be very relaxing. There is also the Bermuda grass field in the park, which is suitable for family to bring their snacks and have an outdoor picnic to enjoy the sunshine, breeze and spend quality family time together. Water faucets and public toilets are set at a number of places in the park for a clean environment. 

Coming to Longgang Forest Park, not only can you walk on the trail around the park and breathe in the fresh air to experience the comfort brought from phytoncide and negative ions but also slowly ride your bike to relax your mind and body. The whole track is 1073 meters long. You can start your biking trip anywhere and anytime. There are also basketball courts and a children's playground that adults and kids will both enjoy. On the other hand, quiet activity options are also available, such as a slow walk in the central square and flower gallery. Solar powered underground lights, park lights, tree spotlights and the military-style Longgang Fort LED light wall are installed to make it safe for night activities as well as creating a gently night scenery that is different from the day.



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During summer and evenings, there will be more mosquitoes, do take good measures.


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