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Atayal Millet Park (泰雅小米園區)


Popularity: 1280

If you think millet is only a raw material for millet wine brewing, that's a pity! In the Atayal culture, many traditional festivals are closely related with millet. Come to this park, where the tour guide will not only help you gain in depth knowledge about millet but also experience the Atayal's ancient rituals and understand the wisdom of co-existence between tribe and nature. For sure it will be a very fruitful trip!
After seeing the image of a colorful millet pestle and mortar at the entrance, it means you have reached the Millet Park area! The large farm is the demo area for millet cultivation, and the rear area was designed to exhibit traditional architecture, including the must-have barn in each Atayal household, the look-out post (or platform) to monitor incoming enemies, the chicken coop and the pig sty, etc. Walking in the multi-function exhibition classroom next door, the black and white geometric patterns on the wall will soon catch your eyes. Take a close look at the tattoo, face tattoos for Atayal men and women, and even the Jew’s harp, are hidden inside! Inside the room, Atayal people's everyday tools are displayed, such as hunting tools, bamboo baskets, bamboo flutes, and ramie (Chinese grass cloth). Each of these tools was made using local materials. Seemingly simple, however, it entails a life attitude of utilizing the resources in the environment.
Millet is planted from January to July each year: winter-burn cultivation and sowing, summer-millet collecting and harvest. As a result, ceremonies and rituals are derived and became the lasting expression of the Atayal culture. During the ceremony, the elders of the tribe must attend and pray for the ancestral spirits. Millet Park has seasonal tour plans, so tourists can learn in depth. Roll up your sleeves, experience the fun of millet-rubbing, DIY millet wine, enjoy millet meals, making millet lucky charms—millet is in fact so delicious and fun! Every September during the Festival of Ancestor Worship, one of the most important cultural festivals, the tribe will offer the harvest grain to ancestral spirits as a thanksgiving. The festival includes one that only tribal people can participate in and another one that is open to the public. If you get the chance, be sure to come to the Festival of Ancestor Worship to experience the "originality" of the Atayal culture! 


TEL 0926-737877
Opening Hours 08:00AM-5:00PM, Closed on Mondays
Charge Free admission. Charges for certain tours from time to time


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■ Tours need to be reserved in advance and tour guide's interpretations and instructions are to be strictly followed, so as to not violate the tribal taboos and security codes.
■ Please also take measures to prevent sunburn and mosquito bites in summer.


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