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Nankan Creek Riverbank Bike Trail (南崁溪水岸自行車道)


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Most towns have bike trails, but only a handful of them are close by the water to allow bikers to enjoy the scenery. Nankan Creek Riverbank Bike Trail is one of a few that successfully integrated the natural landscape. The total length of the trail is 22 kilometers. Green parks and landscape bridges string Guishan, Taoyuan, Luzhu and Dayuan. It will be a rare opportunity to enjoy an open view while biking in the urban area. Different sceneries can be seen in the day and night. While biking, you can see a picturesque view of native fish swimming in the creek, egrets foraging due to the clean water in the area and the embankment made with the local pebbles. The trail runs from Guishan District, Nankan Bridge No. 1, passes through Hutou Mountain Park, to Nankan Creek Bridge, Luzhu District. The green tunnel running through the area includes tree species such as subcostate crape myrtle, tassel, peach tree, Taiwan cherry tree, etc., which make the country scenery even more lively!
The whole trail is quite flat, with no obvious ups and downs, which makes it suitable for a whole family to have a bike trip together. There are also lights along the trails, ball courts, grass fields, eco ponds, and simple playground facilities to provide multi-functional purposes. At the bank of Guishan and Luzhu, there are also old-style water pumps. At night, the highlight of Nankan Creek is the beautiful landscape bridges, like the Crescent Bridge at the First Riverbank Park in Guishan, the Mei Bridge at Bianzhou Taoyuan, Rainbow Bridge at Qingxi Taoyuan, and Zhumeng Bridge at Nankan Creek Riverbank Park Luzhu, etc. As the time changes, the designs of the light sculptures project dazzling lights onto the bridges, full of modern style, which is also a different kind of beauty compared to the daytime. The amazing view makes many bikers stop in appreciation. 



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