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Taoyuan Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural Business District (桃園中正藝文特區商圈)


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Don't miss the fun at the Taoyuan Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural Business District, just like the Xinyi District in Taipei! From the biggest landmark, Taoyuan Arts Center, and extending to Nanping Road, Xinpu 6th Street, to Daxing West Road, the whole business district is close to the national highway. Due to its convenient location, all kinds of shopping and delicious foods, the wonderful unlimited fun of this district makes it not only the essential shopping area for local Taoyuan residents but also the top choice for people in Taipei when touring out of their own county.
Whether you are a pretty young lady or a rich guy, you can easily find the most fashionable outfits to create your own style at the Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural Business District! From the international chain brands to individual independent stores, from cosmetics to medicine, and accessories to fashionable wear, they all have their own characteristics. Who said that the most fashionable clothing could only be bought in the department store? Come here to buy your fashion accessories and enjoy a treasure hunt shopping around the streets! There is also Taoyuan Tourist Night Market nearby, where there are lots of cheap goodies. One stand after another, it will be hard to stop shopping.
Tired of shopping? Come and sit in one of the small restaurants. Taoyuan Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural District is not only the frontline of modern fashion but also the United Nations for all kinds of cuisines: Taiwanese stir fry, American style burgers, Japanese BBQ, Korean rice cake, Thai set dishes, and other national cuisines, etc. for you to share good times and good food with a few friends and with the wide selection, everyone will be pleased! The new landmark of good food, Zhong Mao Plaza, on Tongde 5th Street has not only the upscale supermarket, Jason's Market Place, but has also brought in several high-end restaurants, such as Kanpai Classic and Man Tang Hung, to create the supreme food experience. In addition, there are also family restaurants designed for family with young children. They have ball pits and playgrounds and many other different recreational facilities that even adults will enjoy. If you want to stay away from the noisy shopping streets and crowds, going to the independent coffee shops may be a good option to enjoy quietness and a drink alone. However, you would like to visit Taoyuan Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural Business District, you will have fun!




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uBike rental available at the Taoyuan Arts Center (Tongde 6th St.)


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Street paid parking, and the underground car park at the Taoyuan Arts Center.