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Piyaway Tribe (比亞外部落)


Popularity: 2257

Located at the upstream of Dahan River in the region of Gaoyi with a height of 700-800m above sea level, Piyaway, a small tribe of approximately 100 people, is selected as one of the Good Quality Clusters in the Nationwide International Spotlight Project after a decade of tribal development. Visitors are greeted by the colorful statues of Swinhoe's Pheasant and inlaid work on walls at the entrance of Piyaway Tribe. The Atayal people living here maintain a respectful attitude and exist in harmony with nature. In addition to the preservation and restoration of Swinhoe's Pheasant, one of Taiwan endemic species, Piyaway conserves natural forests for wild animals like Mikado Pheasant, Formosan gem-faced civet, masked palm civet and so on. Following the footsteps of local tour guides to explore the Shangri-la in the mountains, you will leave with unforgettable memories for a lifetime!
To experience Piyaway's hunting culture, one must come to the GesuwTrail. Walking along this traditional hunting trail that is narrow and winding and listening to the detailed explanations of the guide, you will get to know the natural resources that are closely associated to the Atayal culture, such as makino bamboo and ramie, understand how the Atayal people make traps to capture Chinese bamboo partridges, rats, Formosan muntjac or boars, and be amazed at the Atayal's wisdom hidden in the mountains! Keep strolling along the trail, hear the legends of the mountains and relax yourself in this relaxing getaway. Boliq Stream, moreover, is worth of a visit where visitors can see the terraced paddy fields and stone walls with more than one hundred years of history. Also, visitors can overlook Lala Mountain from Wurao, the best spot to appreciate the nighttime view.
Another good way to learn more about Piyaway Tribe is to taste its in-season agricultural produce. Visitors can enjoy picking fruits, like peaches, tangerines, loquats and persimmons, in the organic farms, or taste aboriginal cuisine made from locally grown ingredients, like chicken with makauy seasoning, fried pickled pork, stir fried romaine lettuce and sweet millet wine, each of which is something hard to resist. After a great meal, an aboriginal music feast consisting of ancient tunes and beautiful dances under the starry sky would be a great end to this wonderful night in Piyaway. 



TEL 0938-518184
Opening Hours Open all year
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