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Yongan North Shore Coastal Recreation Area (永安北岸濱海遊憩區)


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If you think a crowded fishing harbor always disconnects you from the true beauty of the coastal ecology, come to Yongan North Shore Coastal Recreation Area, where attracts fewer tourists but creates you a greater sense of well-being! In addition to having a leisurely stroll along the riverbank trail and observing the abundance of the wetland ecosystem at a close distance, you can step onto the scenic lookout to overlook the Taiwan Strait and have a panoramic view of the area. Just prepare yourself to explore the north shore of Yongan Fishing Harbor in new ways!
From the parking lot next to Yongan Rainbow Bridge, visitors can access the 600m long riverbank trail along the Houhu River. The wide and smooth trail has wooden railings on both sides and is paved with stucco washing finish. Along the trail, stone chairs and wood pavilions provide resting areas for visitors to relax while the sea breeze gently caresses their faces, or to observe the interesting behaviors of fiddler crabs and aquatic birds in search of food. What a relaxing day! The trail ends at the Yongan Fishing Harbor Beach Park, which is equipped with climbing walls, rope bridges and so on. If you walk into the bushes, you can see a concrete bridge crossing the river. Stepping onto the bridge, visitors can look to the upstream to see the reeds in the river valley or look to the downstream to see the people fishing by the river.
Another end of the concrete bridge is a casuarina forest for windbreak, which used to be one of the largest windbreak forests in Taiwan. Walking on the wood trail and feeling the sunshine moderated by tree shades makes this riverside stroll even more enjoyable. Where the 200m wood trail ends is the Xinbin Houhu River Bridge. To its left is the two-storey wood Guanhai (Seaview) Pavilion, where many visitors have a break there. The 700m Guanhai (Seaview) Trail is the northernmost border of the Yongan North Shore Coastal Recreation Area. Compared with the fishing harbor filled with tourists, the north shore is a better choice for those who want to get closer to nature: listening to the rhythm of the waves tapping the shore, appreciating the Taiwan Strait sparkling under the sunshine, and getting carried away by the beauty of the secret spot. 



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Bike rental is available at the coastal tree-lined avenue and Sec. 3, Zhongshan W. Rd.


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Parking lots are available at the Yongan Fishing Harbor Beach Park and the Yongan Fishing Harbor.