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Mt. Dadong Hiking Trail (大棟山登山步道)


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Listed as one of the top 100 minor peaks of Taiwan, Dadong Mountain at a height of 405m above sea level is located at the highest point of Guilun Ridge, Guishan, and is also called "Highland 405," on which a first order triangulation station is established. Besides having a superlative view of Taoyuan City, Dadong Mountain that borders Guishan, Shulin, Shanjia and Yingge provides beautiful views of New Taipei City and even Taipei 101. Therefore, Dadong Mountain always attracts many mountain climbers and photographers in either daytime or nighttime.
There are multiple routes leading to the peak. From Yuankuang Bridge, you can walk uphill along the Fuyuan Mountain Trail for about 4.3km to Dadongshan Rd. to arrive Highland 405. One fork in the former part of the trail, Shiyun Rd., leads to the century-old Shiyun Temple, where exquisite Koji ceramic artifacts, towering archway and steep stone steps contributes to a solemn atmosphere. Subcostate crape myrtle, camphor trees and red cedar trees over 100 years old stand tall and erect in front of the temple court to provide shade for tired travelers. Getting back to Datong Rd. and passing by Xukong Temple and some local restaurants, you arrive at Highland 405. Another route to the highland is a 3.2km walk along Tukeng Industrial Road via Ji Chu Zhong Shu Temple and Thousand Buddha Temple that is especially abundant in primary forests.
In addition to a scenic lookout, Highland 405 has a first order triangulation station and a hydrological station. It overlooks Xue Mountain Range and Dahan River on its east side, Guanyin Mountain and Linkou on its west side, Zhongli and the mountainous region of Fuxing on its south side, and Danshui River and the Grand Hotel on its north side. The tiredness would go away with the rush of excitement while reaching the summit and the refreshing scent of the phytoncides. Dadong Mountain's rich ecosystem is also one of its a tourist attractions: swallowtail and large purple fritillary flying here and there between spring and summer, silver grass swaying in the breeze in autumn and maple leaves changing from yellow and orange to fiery red in winter. Highland 405 connects to not only Datong Mountain Hiking Trail that extends to Qinglong Hill, but also Guangong Ridge Trail for Butterfly Watching that features up to 30 kinds of wild butterflies.



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Shiyun Rd. is narrow and steep. Please be careful when crossing other vehicles.


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