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Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland(祥儀機器人夢工廠)


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After getting in the field of robotics since 2005, Sha Yang Ye established this expensive but the most unique Robot Wonderland in Taiwan. The outside appearance of the museum is built with twelve floor glass panels in order to create a bright space. Inside the Wonderland, it is divided into five areas: product area, renewable energy area, family AI area, interactive experiential area and the history of robotic evolution. The product area includes Sha Yang Ye's original industry, the micro DC gear box, including the exhibition of different sizes epicyclic gearing and helical gear, and other popular products. The renewable energy area shows robot artworks that have been created from the use of factory waste. The metal waste is given new life under the artists' ingenuity. The interactive experiential area allows visitors to operate an actual robot and experience any related products, such as a gigantic claw vending machine, fighting robots, and off-road robots, etc. The result is regarded to be quite mature according to the domestic research. In addition, the football robots, which were made in cooperation with Japanese DDK and the recent popular Prince NeZha robot are among the exhibitions. The evolutionary history of robots will lead visitors into a time tunnel to glimpse the innovation of robots. Finally, as the robots dance with flexible joints under the gorgeous stage lighting effects, visitors will experience a very extraordinary performance!



TEL 03-3621252#9
FAX 03-3757721
Opening Hours Tuesday to Friday: 9:00~17:00 Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays: 9:00~17:30 Closed on Monday.
Charge -Regulate ticket: NT $250 -Concessionary ticket: NT $200 (For children age 4 to 9, people with disability and one of his/her companies, and Taiwanese seniors over 65). -Free admission for children under 3.
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1. Weekday visits are by appointment only and only for groups over 20 people. Please do make reservations by phone 5 days in advance. The tour will be given by our trained guides.
2. Fixed tours on weekends and holidays: 10: 00, 11: 00, 13: 00, 14: 00 and 15: 00. The tour will be given by our trained guides. For groups over 20 people, please make reservations by phone at least 5 days in advance.
3. Each guided tour last about 1.5 hours. Our trained guides will lead tourists to experience the museum. In order to maintain quality during visits, places are limited per session. Reservations are required for groups. (Remarks: Because there is much robotic experiential equipment in the museum, you will need to have our trained guides to take you around instead of going on your own.)


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