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Longtan Sanshui Village Tea Garden (龍潭三水里茶園)


Popularity: 1790


Experience the day of a tea farmer — hand knead tea and grind tea powder.

Take a walk in the flower field on a spring day and enjoy the romantic lupin flowers among the vast greenness.

Experience Hakka culture at the 100-year-old Sanheyuan.


Paying a visit to Longtan, visitors can explore the filming location of the commercials released by the popular tea brand "King of Tea," check in to the limitless sea of Lupine flowers on Facebook, savor the aroma of Oriental Beauty Tea, or stroll through the 100-year-old mansion to witness the time elapsed. In addition to Shihmen Reservoir and Longtan Large Tourist Pond, Sanshui Village in the westernmost area of Longtan is another perfect getaway to escape the urban chaos. The natural beauty and historical culture of this unsophisticated village would make your trip to Longtan unforgettable.

Sanshui Village offers beautiful mountain scenery with lush green trees. As the breeze blows, the leaves gently sway, wave after wave. At the pavilion where commercials of the "King of Tea" were filmed, visitors can enjoy the relaxing moment at the century-old Sanshui Tea Garden. During tea harvest seasons, don't forget to experience tea plucking and try the mild flavor and sweet aftertaste of the well-known Longquan Fu Shou Tea. From the tea garden to the dining table, Sanshui Village would provide you with in-depth understanding of tea culture. Just dive in and find it out! When March the off-season comes and no plucking occurs, tea farmers grow Lupine flowers, the symbol of Hakka mothers, and the flowers will become the best fertilizer for tea trees as they wither away. During the blooming period, hectares of stunningly beautiful flowers in yellow, purple and white spread throughout the mountains, bringing the novel Lupine Flower, written by the renowned Hakka novelist Chung Chao-cheng, vividly into life. In the early summer when fireflies and rhinoceros beetles start to show up, it would be great to have family eco-tours.

Besides the natural landscapes, Sanshui Village is one of the best places to learn about traditional Hakka culture. The brick wall, bearing the wish for safety and peace in all four seasons, stands still to convey Hakka religious beliefs in the Earth God. Also, visitors can visit the 100-year-old Earth God Temple, appreciate the brick sculptures designed with Hakka elements, or have a tour to the century-old 3-courtyard house that belongs to the Jiang family. In 2018, the event "Love Lupine Flower" made its debut at the Dabeikeng area, inviting visitors to taste local Hakka rice food, make pounded tea, join a Meiren (Beauty) Tea Ceremony, and have a guided tour in the neighborhood. You'll be amazed by local stories, Hakka culture and delicious farm fresh food!





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Around the tea garden, there are several sightseeing trails for visitors to feast their eyes on the beautiful scenery.


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