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Rugu Mountain (乳姑山)


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Friday: 18:00 – 02:00


Forget about Xinyi District! Watch Taipei 101 fireworks from here.

Spectacular Night View! Spend a romantic and sparkling night at the restaurant with a view.

Home to Chai Li Won — have fun drinking and harvesting tea.


Situated at the border between Longtan and Yangmei, Rugu Mountain is famous for its dreamlike night scene, making it a popular viewing spot. Rugu Mountain with an elevation of 390 meters above sea level has the shape of a woman's breast. Therefore, Hakka people, the majority of local residents, gave it an interesting name, Rugu Mountain. ("Rugu" means "breast" in the Hakka language.) It would be unforgettable no matter you visit here at night for the magnificent night scenery, or during the daytime to appreciate the beauty of the mountain covered by tea tress.

Since there are many view restaurants along Yangtong Road, including Hakka cuisine, creative sweets, vegetarian delicacies and coffee shops, it is not hard to imagine how worthwhile visiting Rugu Mountain is. Located at a concave of Dahan Creek, low-altitude Rugu Mountain offers a spectacular obstacle-free view: a panoramic view of Longtan District as well as the clearly visible Guanyin, Zhongli, Qingpu and Linkou. Visitors even have chances to see Taipei 101 Tower when the visibility is good. Therefore, on New Year's Eve, many people come to Rugu Mountain as early as possible to get the best spots to see Taipei 101 fireworks show. Either the sunshine glowing gold on the valley at sunset or the glittering lights at night will catch your eyes. So, choose a good restaurant, enjoy delicious food and the beautiful scenery. Just enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Due to its plentiful rainfall and red soil, Rugu Mountain provides ideal climatic conditions for tea cultivation, and is one of the most important tea-producing areas in Taoyuan. The 100-year-old Fuyuan Tea Manufactory is right here in the area, and its products, including Taiwan No.18 Ruby Black Tea, Oriental Beauty Tea and Sour Orange Tea, have gained an excellent internal reputation. The "Japanese Style Green Tea Sugar Free" by the popular tea brand "King of Tea" is exactly produced by Fuyuan Tea Manufactory. Having a tour of teas and experiencing tea plucking and tea panning would be another way to explore Rugu Mountain.




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