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Baojia Historic Trail (保甲古道)


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Friday: 00:00 – 23:59


A former trade route turns elegantly into a mystic realm of tung flowers.

Completely built manually! Witness the traditional Hakka building techniques.

Amazing scenery of mountain forest: century old kucha tree and scenery of the tea plantation


One of the best ways to learn about local history is to visit historic trails. The history of Baojia Historic Trail can be traced back to 200 years ago and its name "Baojia" implies that the trail was built during Qing rule. Previously named as "Tiaodan Old Trail" (Tiaodan means carrying a load with a carrying pole), Baojia Historic Trail was the only road that linked Hsinpu Hsinchu and Daxi Taoyuan before an access road was built in the Laokeng area. At that time, people walked along the trail to transport agricultural products, like persimmons, oranges, tea leaves and camellia oil.

The old trail was about 20 km long, but, due to years of desolation, it was abandoned for quite a long time. In 2014, based on ancient construction techniques, residents of Yongning Village spent approximately 6 months repairing 750 meters of the trail and paved it with pebbles from Laokeng Stream. By setting big rocks in the middle of the trail, placing small rocks on both sides to ensure its stability and maintaining the slope less than 5%, the villagers made great efforts to bring the old memories back to life. Now, Baojia Trail has been repaired and reconstructed, paving the way towards sustainable community development. Compared with concrete trails, the trail using traditional construction methods wastes more time and energy. However, it has good water permeability, protects environmental resources and therefore achieves effective soil and water conservation. Pay a visit to Baojia Trail, and you'll know how local residents love their homeland!

Baojia Trail begins from a painted wall on Laozhuang Road. Along the way, visitors will see a trail map, the pavilion offering tea, the Commentary pavilion and some stone carvings that not only present Hakka culture but also make this secluded and flat trail a wonderful family destination. Sometimes, you can stroll along the trail to relax in midst of lush greenery with tea trees and camellias. Or, you can visit Baojia Trail in May when the tung flowers bloom. Every year, the tung blossoms attract many tourists from far and near to see the tree covered in snowy white flowers. The pavilion at the highest point of the trail offers excellent viewing angles to overlook Sunrise Golf & Country Club as well as the snow-white tung blossoms.




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