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Furen Hiking Trail (福人登山步道)


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Friday: 00:00 – 23:59


Take on an adventure by walking the old-growth trail in the forest.

Watch snow in May — the best place to enjoy tung flowers on the outskirts of Yangmei.


Looking forward to an adventure in the original forest? Scheduling an easy hiking trip for hikers of all ages? Furen Hiking Trail situated between Laozhuang Road and Sunrise Golf & Country Club would be the best choice! This narrow and long hill area used to be a military control zone and was reopened to the public in 1949. Since then, the trail was opened up, making it a popular hiking destination.

At the trail entrance on Furen Road, there is a map showing the main loop and other small paths, along with a trail elevation profile. Also, hikers can feel free to borrow bamboo hiking sticks here. Besides the ridgeline at an elevation of almost 600 meters high, the trail is gentle, ranging between 240 and 360 meters high. The outside edge of the main loop is about 6 kilometers long, connecting mountains with the golf course. The trail consists of three vertical routes: the higher route is next to Sunrise Golf & Country Club and the lower route is near Laozhuang Road while the middle route has many other small paths running in between the hills. The forest along the way is basically the same, but walking through this nature labyrinth would be a lot of fun. For first-time visitors, we recommend the main loop that takes about 2 hours to complete. You can take the right hand path first and return from the opposite direction. Different from trails paved in concrete, the soil texture of Furen Hiking Trail invites hikers to get closer to nature. Ropes and steps paved with wooden boards, pebbles or abandoned tire are provided on steep slopes for hikers to conquer challenges.

Because the trail was once closed for years, the nature has been well preserved. With a wide variety of trees, including Taiwan Acacia trees, camphor trees, Phoebe zhennan trees, tung oil trees and so on, hikers surrounded by lush greenery can feel the gentle breeze, take deep breaths, and let the mother nature take your tiredness away. Sometimes, beautiful butterflies and giant stag beetles would accompany you, making the trip much more fun!




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