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Xinmin Old Street (新民老街)


Popularity: 2005


Don’t miss out on the traditional local dishes on the main street of Taoyuan.

A cafe and cultural space! The transformation of the old street starts from here.


On the Xinmin Old Street away from the hustle and bustle of Zhongzheng Road, it is not hard to see kitties dosing off on scooters and smell the aroma of coffee on the road, as if the time slows down here. Xinmin Old Street is less than 300 meters long, located hidden in the business district around the temple. However, the prosperous glory of the former "Taoyuan First Street" was long forgotten due to the shift of the urban business center.

Xinmin Old Street is divided into two by Zhongzheng Road. The west end, the part close to Wenchang Park, still has many traditional shops such as rice shops and dowry shops. In the past, when the Xinmin market was still here, there were many stores and vendors selling daily commodities, ranging from hardware, rice, to cloth and people could get pretty much what they needed here. Therefore, during the Chinese New Year, Xinmin Street was always packed with people. However, the old days are gone. Now a nostalgic way to reminisce the good old times is to try the rice noodle soup from the old and famous corner shop, or taste the savory "Guoke Fan" (Traveller's Meal) or the sweet and savory "sweet rice" with a few side dishes.

After a period of silence, Xinmin Street once again came to the spotlight after the opening of the cultural and creative cafe, located on the east side of the hundred-year-old Yang's Family Shrine.  At present, Xinmin Street has become an important base for writers and artists who strive to promote Taoyuan culture. The business philosophy of this cafe is, "Not just a coffee shop!" "Xinmin Meal Only" on the menu allows you to try the savory treats from old shops on the street, like peanut sesame pastry, pudding cake, fried dough sticks and maltose. In order to extend the glory of the Old Street, activities like exhibitions, forums, concerts and reading clubs are held in this old building. In 2015, dozens of artists launched the first ever "Taoyuan Art Festival" and twenty pieces of installation art filled Xinmin Street and its shops. It surely gave a different charm to the Street when incorporating new creativities into an old space.



Opening Hours Open all year
Charge Free admission


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