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Shuiliandong (Water-curtain) and Youling Waterfalls (水濂洞、幽靈瀑布)


Popularity: 1960

Monday: Open 24 hours a day


Go on the natural water slide and cross the river with a rope — exciting Beiheng adventures!

SPA in the mountain forest — enjoy the soothing view of waterfall cascading down.

The tumultuous waterfall brings you a stunning visual and auditory experience.


When talking about the charming aspects of Fuxing District, the impact of the magnificent landscape absolutely cannot be overlooked! Come and visit the most spectacular Youling Waterfall in the Lalashan! The pouring of the majestic waters sounds like the impact of a thousand horses running! Also the white silk-like Shuiliandong water-curtain waterfall can cast all the summer heat away even from afar. It is indeed a luxury to indulge in this natural wonder during summer holidays!

To get to Shuiliandong and Youling Waterfalls, go from the 48th kilometer mark on the Northern Cross-Island Highway, and head straight towards Xinxing and Yeheng tribes. Follow the directions and pass Tgleq Tribe, you will see a simple route map. Drive along the cement road which will lead to the entrance to the trail of the Youling Waterfall. Surrounded by the bamboo forest and blown by the cool breeze, you may experience the pleasant peace and tranquility that seem secluded from the outside world. After roughly 30 minutes of walking downhill, you will reach smoother pavement, and at the first fork there will be a sign for directions to the riverbed and top area of the Youling Waterfall, as well as to the Shuiliandong. At the riverbed area, there is an exciting natural waterslide! If time is a constraint, you may wish to walk to the end of the trail to see the Shuiliandong Waterfall first. After walking, the waterway comes immediately, and you will have to hold on to the rope and step on rocks as you cross the river. Mountain mist reflects from the river, and you can sometimes spot the traces of Taiwan's shoveljaw carp. As the sound of the water becomes stronger, when reaching the Shuiliandong Waterfall, you will be amazed by the spectacular view!

The Shuiliandong Waterfall, located in the upper reaches of the Taiyao River, is originally known as a check dam and is also considered as the largest waterfall among the Youling Waterfalls. Because the cave under the waterfall can accommodate ten people at once, the name Shuiliandong (from the Chinese Classic: The Journey to the West) was given. Standing under the waterfalls, one can have fun imagining being a martial arts master practicing different moves, or a rich lady enjoying a natural spa! After visiting the Shuiliandong Waterfall, you can turn around and walk along the sideway to reach the top of the Youling Waterfall. Witnessing and hearing the streams of waters falling from hundreds of meters high is a magnificent view that you will not want to miss!




Opening Hours Sunday: Open 24 hours a day
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■Please do not enter at night due to poor visibility.
■Please consider one's ability to reach the waterfall in a long course, and prepare the equipment for stream tracing.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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