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Taoyuan Arts Cinema II 桃園光影文化館(光影二館)


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Experience the charm of local art through the collaboration with the community college.

Themed film festivals and a kid-friendly cinema — movies are art for the people.


Places like Cheng Gong Elementary School, the century-old Jingfu Temple, Taoyuan Fruit & Vegetable Market located in the old part of the city, all bear the tracks of urban changes. The Taoyuan Arts Cinema II on Puxin Road incorporates art, nostalgic and family movie themes with the local market culture, and has become an important art base for the locals.

Taoyuan Arts Cinema II was originally the senior activity center. Not until 2005 did it become the Taoyuan City Art and Culture Center. In 2014, when it changed again to become Taoyuan Arts Cinema II, it echoes with Taoyuan Arts Cinema I in Matsu New Village, Zhongli. The exhibition hall on the first floor normally has three to four exhibitions on different movie themes each year, such as the illustration exhibition, the international women's film festival, and art films, etc. Famous drama teams have been invited to perform here, such as the Apple Theatre, the Wuzhou Xinyi Yuan Puppet Theatre, the Cup Theatre, the Ghostdoll Corporation Theatre, the Con Bello Symphonic Band, and the Po You Set, etc. Many people show up to watch each and every show. In addition, the exhibition room also provides a venue for Taoyuan Community University and other schools to showcase their achievement. The Taoyuan Arts Cinema II is also used as a platform to promote the place of the arts in people's daily lives. The second floor is used as a reading area and community college classroom. The third floor auditorium can accommodate 200 people after its recent renovation.

Only two kilometers away from Taoyuan Arts Center, Taoyuan Arts Cinema II also focuses on promoting art education, but has an emphasis on the movie culture. Taoyuan Arts Cinema II not only arranges premiere film festivals, microcinema, and university graduation project and film presentations, but also provides a venue for new directors and artists to showcase their work. Besides, during summer vacation, there are movie events for families to enjoy together.




TEL 03-3357745
FAX 03-3357832
Opening Hours 09:00-17:00 every day except for National Holidays
Charge Free admission


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