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Bade Bald Cypress Forest (八德落羽松森林)


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Only in the autumn and winter! A beautiful vast of glistening red.

Mirror in the sky — cycle to see the projection of the sky and cloud in the Xiaoli Pond.


When the leaves of the bald cypress turn red, it is time for visitors to visit! Every year when winter starts to seep in, the Bade bald cypress turns into a magnificent gradation of colors, from orange-yellow to bright red, along the Sioli Lake, on Ln. 185, Fujian. With the beautiful colored leaves along the little brook corresponding to the blue sky and white clouds, thousands of visitors will flock in to witness this poetic landscape that looks like an Impressionist painting.

Bald cypress belongs to Taxodiaceae. Originated from America, it is also called common or yellow bald cypress. It can grow as tall as 50 meters, and often is used as a landscaping plant or for building materials. Unlike the general coniferous trees, the leaves of the bald cypress turn from green to red as winter approaches and will eventually fall down like feathers. In the Taoyuan area, there are two major popular spots to see bald cypress: one is Daxi Luoyusong Avenue or "Daxi Cypress Boulevard" (formerly known as Shiyuan Road) and Sioli Bade. After the exposure of this place on Instagram and Facebook, the popularity has never gone down. The tranquil and beautiful Daxi Cypress Boulevard has approximately 300 cypress planted parallel on both sides of the road. As for Bade Bald Cypress Forest along the bank of Jiadong Creek, it is actually a private nursery in which nearly 3,000 trees rise straight from the ground. The unique magnificent view of Bade Bald Cypress Forest is definitely different from the "small but beautiful" Daxi one. Visitors will be stunned by the sight!

Walking on the trails along the Sioli lake, visitors can immerse themselves into the beauty of bald cypress. In addition, the field on the side is also intoxicating. In the fallow farmland, visitors can see the exquisite yellow cosmos swaying in the wind, mountainous red quinoa growing in the field, bikers zooming by and sparrows flying by. The surface of the vast Sioli Lake is clear as a mirror which reflects the distant mountains and close-by forest. Besides indulging in the beauty of the view, visitors can observe the characteristics of aerial roots and light brown cones. Teach yourself an interesting lesson about nature!





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■ The best time to visit is from mid-December to the end of January.
■ It is a private ground, so please do not enter when it is not open.
■ Please do not step on the aerial roots of bald cypress or break down the branches.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


Parking on Longnan Road is recommended.