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Sankeng Old Street (三坑老街)


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The most authentic Hakka delicacies: rice noodle, Hakka Mochi, and glutinous rice balls.

Clear and cloudy stream: hundred years of laundering.

Qing Qian Di Old House, Yongfu Temple, Century Old Building at the end of Red Brick Lane


Known as the major street of Longtan, Sankeng is an authentic Hakka village. In the past, Sankeng was the most prosperous harbor along the river with much hustle and bustle. Yet, after the water ditch was completed, the water level at Dahan River drastically dropped, and Sankeng’ commercial ascendency decreased as well.

Sankeng Old Street is situated in Longtan District, Taoyuan City. It starts from Yongfu Temple as the center of the settlement and spreads out to “water streams for laundry.” With a narrow outer part and wider inner part, the street has quaint characteristics that attract many tourists. Sankeng Old Street has preserved the traditional Hakka cultural elements. Moreover, it was the shooting spot of film productions like David Loman and Love Together and is definitely worth visiting.

The origin of Sankeng can be traced back to the development of Longtan by Lu Xi Fan during the reign of Emperor Kangxi. Only after 1744 did the Han immigrants arrive. The place is a fluvial terrace with three incised surfaces formed by three rivers flowing into Dahan River, which is the origin of the name, Sankeng.
When you enter Sankeng Old Street, you will see the “water streams for laundry.” It used to be where women washed clothes. The narrow and meandering Sankeng Old Street is not suitable for cars. This type of street is one of the typical characteristics of a Hakka village. The snaky streets are made to prevent burglars and thieves. This short old street has kept the old traditional gallery style. The unique shops here sell various Hakka specialty foods, including Hakka Buns, Caozaiguo, Hakka Mochi with ginger and brown sugar, and Kumquat sauce.

If you walk to the end of the old street, you will find Yongfu Temple at the center of the Sankeng settlement. The Temple was built in 1791, and the deities worshipped in the main hall now are Emperor Yao, Yu the Great, and Emperor Shun. It is also the religious center for local residents. Meanwhile, the tourism green corridor running from Yuemei, Daxi to Sankeng riverside has Daxi's Shimen Reservoir on the one side and Longtan’s Sankeng Old Street on the other side. You can enjoy the diverse views of the reservoir, farm fields and cultural old street in one attempt.



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