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Kengzi River Recreational Farm(坑子溪休閒農業區)


Popularity: 1260


Continuous shooting of photos in the village of 3D paintings.

Ponds and Minnan-style red brick houses are countryside scenery.

Tea, rice, and green bamboo shoots are seasonal local produce.


Those of you who have been to the Taoyuan Flower Festival would be familiar with Kengzi River Recreational Farm. Here you can relax in in the sea of flowers and red brick houses. Try fishing, picking tea leaves, and outdoor barbeque. The relaxing and free atmosphere so different from the city will make the whole family fall in love with the countryside. Located next to the Dagushan Recreational Farm, Kengzi River Recreational Farm is also close to Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan city center. Linkou Station (A9) and Shanbi (A10) Station of the Airport MRT, as well as the National Highways, are nearby. It’s a top choice for visitors longing for some relaxing time in the suburbs.

Want to try being a farmer? After participating in multiple farming experience programs, you will definitely say, this is for real! Follow the farm hosts in fertilizing, sowing, picking tea leaves, and digging out green bamboo shoots. Learn about how award-winning tea is grown and the latest trend of eco-friendly farming. You will also gain knowledge in eating healthy. If you do not want to engage in some much physical activity, clam digging, sweet potato baking, natural dyeing, loofah making, and pizza baking are all activities at the farm you can choose from. At Kengzi River Recreational Farm that is rich in natural resources, you must also take a unique eco tour to see the rose myrtle flowers, armadillos, rhinoceros beetles, and fireflies. It will surely be an experience full of surprises.

Besides the wonderful nature, Kengzi River Recreational Farm is also rich in culture. The social media hotspot, Kengkou Community Painted Village, has large, ultrarealistic paintings on the wall of the old Sanheyuan house (three-section compound), grocery store, and grandma’s kitchen. There are also dinosaurs barging out of the wall, and Minions lining up against the wall. You will not be able to stop taking photos! In the park you will also see Minnan-style housing, Dexintang, Daoguantang, and Qing Dynasty Official Lan’s Residence, as well as the Waishe Handcar Station. The coexistence of old and new is interesting and educational.



Opening Hours Based on the business hours of the shops.
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  • Introductory Lecture
  • Bus Station
  • Parking Lot
  • Shop
  • Bike Rest Stop
  • Hiking Trail


■Rose myrtle season is July to August.


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