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Da You Ecological Park (大有梯田生態公園)


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Da You Ecological Park is located at the northwestern foot of Hutoushan scenic area in Taoyuan District (the end of Minfu 13th St., next to Dayou Fire Department). The Park is about 2.1 hectares in size. When strolling along the green ancient trail next to the Park and inside the Hutoushan scenic area, you are able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. One beautiful day starts from here!


The Park used to belong to the farm settlement in the Dakuai River. The Park is adjacent to forests. Residents here farmed on water terraces. The ponds and land here fed generations of people. However, with the rapid industrial development, water terraces were gradually abandoned. Aiming at terrace ecology restoration, the Park restores the relationship between humans and nature by embedding the old rice fields and memories into the terraces. In addition, the squirrel theme that represents the diligence and courage of people from the past permeates the all-age forest playground; children of all ages are invited to take on challenges and bring back their purest and bravest childlike innocence.


Da You Ecological Park is divided into three main parts: the ecological terrace area, the food & beverages area, and the forest challenge area. The ecological terrace area and food & beverages area feature nostalgic water terrace, educational water harvesting tanks, and ecological ponds. There are also an embedded terrazzo slide that is popular with children, a sandbox, and a pool. In the evening, there will be an outdoor cinema and music theater. In the area, the visitor center provides consultation and registration services for environmental education classes while the food trucks provide some choices for food. The forest challenge area, meanwhile, has a communal space suitable for all family members. Also, visitors can find a low zipline (steel cable), a terrazzo slide, a multifunctional recreational area, and challenging playground facilities. In addition, there are fitness facilities suitable for all ages, as well as a rest area equipped with hammocks and hanging chairs. The comprehensive facilities are provided for visitors of all ages. In the future, apart from a series of regular and seasonal activities, there will be themed events for particular holidays and street performers performing at fixed spots on the weekends. The Park is a perfect destination for your family to spend a wonderful day experiencing rural life.



TEL 0928-883235
Opening Hours The Park is open 24 hours, with restrictions on the opening hours of specified areas in the Park.
Charge Free entrance


  • Visitor Center
  • Bus Station
  • Toilet
  • Shop


■The ecological terrace area and the food & beverages area close at 22:00 every day, and the forest challenge area closes at 21:00.
■Lining up for the squirrels zipline and parent-child zipline is required during peak hours (15:00-20:00pm) on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and certain festivals (such as Father’s Day, etc.). Safety instructors are appointed for playground control and guidance.


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