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Chintan Park (Green Pond Park)(青塘園)


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Taoyuan’s Maple Garden — a green classroom that combines ecology.

Dual Tower View Bridge — the most beautiful, resplendent view at night.


Chintan Park is close to Taoyuan Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail. It was originally designed for agricultural irrigation, providing the functions of water regulation and flood control. Later, the planning converted it into a water park for urban residents. Its facilities include a ramp leading to the water, a lookout platform, boardwalk, trails, an outdoor theater, etc., creating a recreation space that is serene and fun to visit in the metropolis. It also won Taiwan’s engineering and construction-related award. Visiting Chintan Park, you will see many aquatic plants, rich ecosystems, and the large lotus pond that attract numerous visitors to stop and enjoy the view. Whether it is day or night, the Park is a good place for families and couples to stroll around, and also a hot spot for photographers. 

In 2015, the snowy white Chintan Park Scenic Bridge was built. The yellow light at night creates a romantic atmosphere. The beams emitted from the “Tower of Eternity” on the bridge toward Polar Star express the concept of eternity, which is the new highlight in Chintan Park in the daytime and at night.




  • Visitor Center
  • Viewing Deck
  • Bus Station
  • Toilet
  • Hiking Trail


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