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Longtan Large Tourist Pond(龍潭觀光大池)


Popularity: 18.6k


Lakeview on Wooden Path and Tourism Suspension Bridge — enjoy the beautiful scenery beside the lake.

Summer only free water activity — the giant dragon slide for families with children.

Dragon boat race — professionals gather from around the world to compete!


Lake Longtan, also called Longtan Large Tourist Pond, is the most famous landmark in Longtan, Taoyuan. Originally, the pond functioned as an irrigation pond. Since the establishment of the extraordinary temple, “Nantan Temple” on the small island in the lake, the landscape has become very elegant. Against the backdrop of the Longtan Suspension Bridge, Longtan Large Tourist Pond has become an important recreation area that attracts tourists. 

The lakeside park and the Lombard-style Chung-Yi Bridge of the Tourist Pond are both distinctively beautiful, especially at night when the light brings about the contrast. It soon became a popular dating spot for couples.  



Opening Hours No specific time limit, the provisions by the competent authority


  • Bus Station
  • Toilet
  • Bike Rest Stop
  • Hiking Trail


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