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Xiaocukeng Ancient Trail (小粗坑古道)


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Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59
The best place to enjoy tung blossoms at the end of spring is here! This quiet trail connects the Cukeng and Shihmen areas. Every year during March and May, the Hakka tung blossoms will attract many people to come and enjoy the beautiful scenery of white flowers scattered around on the green forest ground. Walking on the century-old stone stairs, it's not hard to spot lovely flowery wreaths on the ground made with petals by tourists, which can be therapeutic to spot. There are different surprises at night during the summer season as well. Fireflies like stars twinkling in the dark add charm in the darkness of the mountains. This moving scene that is hard to appreciate in the urban city will make you anticipate going up the mountain and exploring it in the dark!
Xiaocukeng Ancient Trail used to be a cattle driveway built along the Xiaocukeng Creek during the period of Japanese occupation. It was used by ancient mountain residents to carry cargo between Hsinchu Guanxi Zhukeng Shiliao and Maowudu areas, passing through Sankengzi (now Longtan) and Dakekan (now Daxi). As a result, the Xiaocukeng Ancient Trail became a very important and popular route. However, with the industrial road development at Shihmen Reservoir, the popularity of the Xiaocukeng Ancient Trail gradually declined. On the other hand, the original rich ecology was retained. Milk trees, angel trumpets, ferns, and camphor trees, etc., can be spotted as well as rare species like papilio, central formosan toad, and Swinhoe’s frog. Nowadays, it has become a popular attraction for outings.
Near the entrance of the ancient trail on Longyuan Road, tourists can find a Yuanyou Earth God Temple built in the Qing Dynasty, with a statue of "Earth God's wife holding a son" inside, which is very rare. In terms of the trail's difficulty level, the whole trail is moderate. The front section is mainly flat; you can still enjoy the scenery of tea farms while tracking. In the middle section, the trail became a pebble one. At the end section, a rope to assist climbing is necessary. If your physical condition permits and you are feeling pumped, you may continue to challenge the Mt. Shihmen Hiking Trail. 



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■ Please do not point flashlights towards fireflies.
■ Parts of the trail are steep.
■Tung flowers bloom from March to May.


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