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Lotus Garden in Lin Family’s Old House(林家古厝)


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Monday: Break time
Before entering the Lotus Garden in Lin family’s old house, which located in Dajue Village of Guanyin County, the first sight is a straw tied with gourd nose which is a masterpiece of the Garden owner, Lin Jintang. All the old cows, dolls and bamboo irrigation water takers are all made by the Garden owner. The size of the Garden is almost 1 hectare, including lotus fields, rest area, sheds for melons, and the old house for admiring and selling lotus related products. During the flower season from June to October, there are fun flowers and wild ginger flowers as well for sightseeing.
Lin family old house leisure farm is an old architecture for more than 100 years with four nursing dragon ancient objects which attract people to be there. Follow the fragrance of lotus, the trail with wine jars, the red brick arches, green straw dolls swim in the air which shows a society of simple countryside in early 20century. The descendants of Lin family dedicate to maintain the ancient monuments for people to recognize the beauty of old house. They made the house as a country culture hall, and introduce the historical artifacts to visitors by professional guide which is recreational and meaningful.
There’s shopping store in the Garden, people can buy some delicious dessert, such as lotus ice cream, lotus tea, sun flower ice cream, lotus seeds cake, houseleek jelly and lotus seeds jelly…etc. Besides, there’s a pond in the Garden full of lotus blossom and ducks, people can enjoy the rural leisure by tasting lotus ice cream and watching a flock of swimming ducks in the rest area. Beside the rest area, there are sheds for planting pumpkins, grapes and sponge cucumbers. To go further, there’s the big lotus field more than 30,000 square meters. As for the old house, it’s a Minnan-style courtyard dwelling for over 100 years, all the ancient furniture and farm tools in the house represent the old farm life. The ecology and usage of the lotus shows the simplicity of country area. Suggest to buy some fresh lotus seeds, fragrant lotus tea, lotus root and lotus root powder before leaving, they are nice to try or give to people as a gift.



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