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Lotus Farm Ranch (蓮荷園休閒農場)

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Come sit on the giant Victoria lotus leaf and float on water instantly.

Great foods to try — roselle stinky tofu, lotus leaf rice cake and pink water-lily coffee

Get creative by working with your hands — straw weaving, porcelain panel painting, and lotus leaf glutinous rice balls.

Fun parties with kiln grilling and limitless delicacies.


You'll experience feelings of euphoria as you're surrounded by nature: pink lotus flowers, golden bald cypress trees and small yellow water-lily flowers! Situated in Guanyin District that is famous for lotus fields, Lotus Farm Ranch covering an area of 2 hectares consists of large lotus fields, a Straw Museum, and a Labyrinth of the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams. Also, fun hands-on activities are available for visitors all day long!

Passing through the entrance, visitors will find the dining area first. Before appreciating the beauty of lotus flowers, we strongly recommend tasty lotus cuisine sets: cold tofu pudding with lotus seeds, shaved ice with lotus seeds, sweet and sour roselle-flavored stinky tofu, and rice and lotus seeds cooked in bamboo tubes. After your appetite is satisfied, be sure to take a stroll through the lotus fields and you'll be enchanted with lotus flowers in bud or in full bloom! The varieties cultivated here include Ooga lotus, water lily, peony lotus and Siam lotus. Moreover, one thing not to miss is "Floating on Victoria Water Lily Pad": guests are allowed to sit on top of giant Victoria water lily pads and get their pictures taken!

The Rice Straw Museum in the lotus park displays the rice straw weaving handicrafts made by father of the museum host. The handicrafts depict the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, antique farm equipment and more. Here, tourists who love hands-on activities can enjoy different rice straw weaving activities, such as rice straw brush, rice straw sword, rice straw rope, rice straw rope sandals, rice straw dolls, etc. For foodaholics who love delicious food and are addicted to tasty food, awesome DIY activities including making lotus-leaf pounded tea, lotus-leaf mochi and lotus-leaf rice dumplings are also waiting for you! If you want to experience early farming practice, don't miss the chance to try earth oven cooking. Following the staff's instructions to heat the oven and smolder it, you'll be looking forward to what you can get after the cooking is done. The aroma of the food cooked by an earth oven is especially alluring and your taste buds will be satisfied for sure.



TEL 0916-072896
Opening Hours May to October (lotus blooming season): 08:30-17:00
November to April (rest seasons): Please make reservations in advance.
Charge Admission fee: NT$80/per person


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■Reservations must be made in advance for lotus special meals, BBQ and earth oven cooking activity.
■The weight limit of each Victoria water lily pad is 100kg. Stepping onto a Victoria water lily pad: NT$30.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


Free parking in the farm

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  • wang2383



    Traveler rating:4 2021-09

  • BBRO12



    Traveler rating:4 2020-06

    入口是蓮荷緣 不是很明顯 看起來小小一間 裡面別有洞天 對面有停車場 很陽春 進去要門票-80元 不能抵餐費 餐點都很高價 但意外的好吃 我是點 竹筒飯-70元-普通 蓮子豆花-80元-很好吃 洛神花臭豆腐-80元-這個很特別 ...
  • CindyJhang


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    Traveler rating:5 2019-07

    蓮花季來拍夏季限定網美照, 可體驗坐大王蓮🥰🥰,可承受100公斤內,又站又坐又躺,來當拇指姑娘🤘 如園費用50元,可折20元消費, 坐蓮荷園大王蓮五十元,等於只花30元就可拍照。7/10平日去,大約等候15~20分鐘。 拍完後園區走走愜意,餓了品嘗蓮子餐偷得浮日半生閒❤,餐點口味偏淡也適合炎熱的中午用餐。大約在此停留1.5小時,再出發開車只要三分鐘就到的向陽農場賞向日葵。
  • Albert H


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    Traveler rating:4 2018-06

  • Seewhom


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    Traveler rating:4 2018-08


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