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Guanyin Coastal Recreation Area(觀音濱海遊憩區)


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Try looking for the hidden Guanyin code at the scenic walking trail.

Orange and red pantone colors at the seaside. Firewheel flowers make their summer debut.

A popular spot for music video shootings. The love confession windmill in the sunset is a well-known scene.


Chase the sunset, view the red flowers. The hundred-year-old lighthouse is in your grasp. Guanyin Coastal Recreation Area, previously known as Guanyin Beach, has a large windmill at the seaside, turning with the sea breeze. The blue and white, Mediterranean-style pavilion is a popular spot for social media posts and TV shootings. In recent years, with the completion of the circular walking trail around Guanyin River and the scenic plaza, there are even more photogenic spots as well as more interesting travel experiences.

Follow Provincial Highway 61 to Zhongxing Road, Guanyin District and you will arrive at Guanyin Coastal Recreation Park. Although the Guanyin statue was destroyed by typhoon in 2015, visiting the Willow Branch and Pure Water Jar Plaza as well as the Dragon Trail are recommended ways to experience local culture. At the plaza, the extended wave-shaped steel bridge symbolizes the willow branch and pure water jar that are held by Guanyin, artistically portrays local religious beliefs and culture. The spacious park is built along Guanyin River. Simplistic fences create a casual atmosphere. To the right of the plaza is the entrance/exit for the bridge. Take the stairs up and you will have a great view of Guanyin River and Wuwei Ditch, as well as the hundred-year-old historic site, Baishaxia Lighthouse.

The Dragon Trail right next to the Willow Branch and Pure Water Jar Plaza has a metallic flowy design combined with bamboo weaving techniques. The dragon head is vivid and realistic. The trail is lined with color tiles to symbolize the scales of a dragon. The overall image is Guanyin riding a dragon. Opposite to the plaza is a lotus pond. The bridge in the center of the pond guides people into the countryside atmosphere made by the blooming flowers and the red brick houses. If you continue on to the coast with gigantic wind turbines standing, you will have a great view of the ocean, as well as the Firewheel flowers only blooming in summer. Tiny flowers swinging in the sea breeze is a scene that will become colorful memories of this trip.




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■You can consider a themed tour in accordance with the Taoyuan Guanyin Lotus Season.
■This area is considered dangerous water. All water activities are prohibited.


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