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Guanyin Cycle Path (觀音自行車道)


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Take a leisure trip to the pond to see the water and sky merge together and the little egrets fly low.

Endless greenness! Green fields and Weeping Paperbark Trail.

Search for highlights! Land art blended into Nature.

Endless flower seasons: lotuses, sunflowers, lavender flowers, and garden cosmos.


Come and look at Taoyuan's special landscape, "farm pond" and "lotus"! Guanyin Cycle Path is divided by Taoyuan Route 112 into north and south cycle rings. The northern cycle ring, "Farm Pond Tour" is 6 kilometers long. Along the path, farm ponds one after another shining like crystal under the sun create an amazing view. The southern ring, "Lotus Tour", connects many leisure farms and lasts about 7.5 kilometers. Besides enjoying the lotus swaying in the wind on the way, lotus-style cuisine is worth trying.

The northern cycle ring, "Farm Pond Tour" starts from Fuxin Road next to the Syuesiao Reservoir. As the cool breeze blows, visitors can't help slowing down to enjoy a scenic view of the sunset reflecting from the pond. On the second section of Fushan Road, 700 cajeput trees stretch out 3 kilometers. Riding underneath the shade as the sunlight slips through the leaves, time seems to slow down, and bikers will enjoy the ease with their body and mind. Every year from late summer to early winter, the scenery will surprise visitors as bunches of white flowers from cajeput trees decorate the green forest. In 2017, Guangfu Community in Guanyin was one of the exhibition areas of the Land Art Festival. Many installation art works were set up along the northern cycle ring, which allowed visitors not only to enjoy the rich natural ecology but also the art works along the way.

To enter the southern ring, "Lotus Tour", visitors can enter from Taoyuan Route 112 and turn on Xinhua Road, or enter from Jinhua Road on Taoyuan Route 99 and follow the directions. In addition, visitors biking south-bound can cross the east-west Provincial Highway No. 66, which connects lotus gardens in Xinwu. In different seasons, there will be different theme flowers, from sunflowers, lavender, to cosmos, etc. It's a great spot for couples and families to take photos.

Visitors to the Guanyin Cycle Path do not have to bring their own bicycles. The nearby lotus gardens all provide bike rental service. If tired, visitors can enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea at either leisure farm!




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