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Namchow Taoyuan Tourism Factory (南僑桃園生活體驗園區)


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Namchow Factory in Taoyuan was founded in 1971 and it covers an area of 15,000 pings (about 533747.62 square feet). Namchow Taoyuan Tourism Factory was established in 2012 and also the first one in Kueishan Industrial Park, Taoyuan. Namchow Taoyuan Tourism Factory provides many DIY activities, including printing on crystal soap, making clown-shape ice cream sundaes, honey toast, magic mud pies, champion xiaolongbao (steamed dumpling), egg tarts, pizza, Thai style green papaya salad and Thai style spring rolls. There are totally nine DIY activities for tourists to experience and enjoy. In addition, gourmet food culture is also promoted. There are gourmet restaurants in the factory for tourists to try exotic foods. Restaurants include the five-star restaurant, Dian Shui Lou, Paulaner Brauhaus Restaurant, which has German fresh brew beer, German pig's feet, sausages and pizza, as well as all kinds of Chinese ramen and set meals, Thai style traditional dishes and afternoon tea, and finally the Namchow’s very own icy desserts: Duroyal ice cream, Kabisuo ice cream, Crunch Pie Bar and Paulaner soft-serve ice cream.
Namchow Taoyuan Tourism Factory covers an area of 3,700 pings (about 131657.7 square feet) including a parking lot. It is a factory that teaches knowledge about the environment, education about the industry, culture of gourmet cuisines and the heritage of its history. Not only can you understand the Namchow industry, but you can also experience various DIY classes, as well as enjoy exotic cuisines. Namchow is indeed an educational and entertaining recreational factory for everyone. 

Guided tours and reservation regulations:
1.    Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
1)    For groups of over 10 persons, please make reservations by phone at least 5 days in advance. The tour will be given by Recreational Factory guides. 
2)    The areas free for individual visitors are: the worship area of Erawan shrine, all the restaurants (Dian Shui Lou Chinese Cuisine, Bao Lai Na, Ben Chang Liu and a Thai style restaurant); other buildings are for reserved group visitation only.
2)    Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays)
(1)    Open to individual visitors and no need to make reservation. Fixed guided tours by Factory guides are provided at 10:00, 14:00 and 16:00. The tour lasts 1.5 hours and starts from the square in front of the pavilion (The number of guided tours will increase during long holidays. Please visit the official site for details). 
(2)    Open visit areas: Cooking Oil Hall Way, Winding Engine, Worship area of Erawan Shrine, and Paulaner Brewery. 
(3)    Area only open to guided tours are: Founder’s Memorial Hall: Rongguo Museum, Crystal Soap Experience Room, and Thai Relics Museum.



TEL 03-2630264
Opening Hours Opening hours: 09:30-17:00 Restaurant opening hours: 11:00-21:00
Charge Free admission
Official Site Official Site


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