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Hutoushan Park(虎頭山環保公園)


Posted Date:2008-12-10


Drunk on Romantic Taoyuan Night Views
As the Hutoushan Park is situated near Taoyuan downtown area and is on high ground, it is a good place from which to view the Taoyuan Terrace and the night view of Taoyuan Dist.. In the park there is a lotus pond and cherry trees, as well as a children’s playground and an area for barbeques. At the halfway point of the mountain, there is also the “Taoxin Pavilion”to mark the friendship of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei in the Chinese classic “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” This is a popular place for citizens’ recreation.
The Environmental Park on the mountain was originally a garbage dumping ground which now has become a new park following renovation. Since one can have a good view of Taoyuan Dist. at night from there and look at the starry sky , when night falls, many lovers go dating on the mountain and spend a romantic night there.


TEL 03-3946061
Opening Hours No specific time limit, the provisions by the competent authority


  • Viewing Deck
  • Parking Lot
  • Hiking Trail


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