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Coke Pavilion(可口可樂世界)

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Posted Date:2008-12-10


Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. on May 8, 1886. Sale of Coca-Cola for the first year averaged only nine drinks per day but today, over 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola products are served daily. Coca-Cola has evolved from one single product "Coca-Cola" to more than 500 beverage brands and expanded from one city in one country to more than 200 countries around the world. Coca-Cola remains till this day a living legend in the beverage industry.
Coke Pavilion comprises 9 exhibition areas that display more than 1,000 precious items, including a wide variety of limited editions of Coke bottles and other special collections. Following the timeline displayed on the wall, visitors are able to witness the evolution of Coke bottles from straight-sided Hutchinson bottles to contour bottles that distinguish the brand from other competitors. The timeline also tells the history that on July 12, 1985, astronauts tested the "Coca-Cola Space Can" aboard the space shuttle Challenger, making Coke the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space. Because Coca-Cola has been the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Games and important sports competitions, Coke Pavilion especially displays three carefully preserved Olympics torches, which are something not to be missed by sports fans. In the showcase, visitors can find Coca-Cola contour bottles made from blue ceramics, graphite, wood and plant materials, all of which will definitely amaze Coca-Cola collectors. For those who love fashion, their favorite would be the Coca-Cola light "Tribute to Fashion" limited edition contour bottles designed by eight Italian fashion designers for a charitable purpose.
If you want to know how Coca-Cola builds its brand identity and spreads throughout the world, welcome to Coke Pavilion, Taoyuan, and have a Coke-themed tour! At Coke Pavilion, the history of Coca-Cola, the manufacturing process of Coca-Cola products and wonderful Coca-Cola stories over the past 100 years will all unfold in front of your eyes!


TEL 0800-311789
Opening Hours Monday to Friday, 9:30-12:00, 14:00-16:30 (Closed on national holidays.)
Charge Free admission


  • Introductory Lecture
  • Bus Station
  • Toilet
  • Parking Lot
  • Shop


Reservation Regulations:
■ We welcome reservations for groups of more than 15 people.
■Individual visitors or groups of less than 15 people could join other groups for guided tour. If no group visits, guided tour at 11:00 and 15:30 are available for individual visitors.
■All visitors must be at least elementary school-aged and above.
■Reservation are required for either group or individual visits. Please make a reservation at least 7 days in advance.
■The guided tour takes about 60 minutes.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


Parking lot is available

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  • atemycookie


    Fans of Coca-Cola will enjoy this

    Traveler rating:4 2017-03

    Located rather deep in the industrial area, walking in from Taoyuan station might be tiring for some. It is worth the walk/effort as the displays are simple, well thought out and beautifully maintained. Fans of coca-cola will have a good time. You can get exclusive coca-cola merch at the end of the guided tour too! Do note that you'll need to make an appointment in order to visit the museum. Guided tours lasts for approx an hour and are conducted in Mandarin at 11am and 3:30pm. Also, few locals know of this place so GPS will definitely help.
  • 126Susie

    Manila, Manila, Philippines

    A really interesting place to visit

    Traveler rating:4 2016-01

    I'm not a fan of any soft drink but I thought visiting this place would be interesting. Reading previous reviews sure helped a step in informing me that we needed an appointment before visiting. Unfortunately, there's nowhere I can find where to email a visit request. One blogger gave a site but it was in Chinese! I just google translated it and emailed all the addresses found until someone from coketw@swirebev.com replied to me. Don't be easily taken by its free entrance as its a very distant place coming from Taipei City. We took the MRT, HSR or Hi Speed Train then taxi for 25 minutes. The whole tour was conducted in Chinese. My son and I could understand like 1/4 of what was said because of our part Chinese origin but there was so many visuals that anybody would still enjoy the tour despite the language barrier. There was a short animation on how Coke is bottled and a 3D show, too. The tour ended with all visitors being given a can of Coke and a magnet souvenir. It's so worth the trip BUT do check first all the transportation needed + the cost before going there.
  • Florence T

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Appointment to be a week before visiting

    Traveler rating:4 2015-10

    As our flight landed early in the morning, we had to pass time until the actual check-in @1500hrs. Left with no lodging, we headed for this museum. To our shock, we had to fix an appointment. As lucky we thought to be, a group of students excursion was fixed. Taxi driver was kind to tell the staff that we were tourists & an exception entry was granted after produced our passports. It's a free entry & small souvenirs such as a magnet & coke was given out.
  • sorcerer_mickey

    Traveler type:



    Traveler rating:5 2019-05

    webサイトから申し込みしました。漢字なので何となく理解して空欄を埋めると、予約完了のメールが届きました。予約日の数日前にもリマインダーのメールが届きました。予約は平日のみ、可能でした。もしかしたら予約無しでも入れるのかもしれませんが、守衛所で止められるので、言葉がわからないので説明出来ずに断念したかもしれません。 予約時間になると見学担当のスタッフさんが来ました。同じ回に地元の中学生も団体でいて賑やかでした。見学担当のスタッフさんは、英語も、日本語もなかったですが、なんとなく流れはわかり、観てまわった後にショップで買い物(笑) 工場見学でなく、ミュージアムツアーなのですが、最後にコーラをもらい終了。普通の観光とは違い、楽しかったです。
  • yeauitew

    Traveler type:



    Traveler rating:1 2019-01


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