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Guishan First Riverbank Park(龜山第一河濱公園)


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The construction of Nan Kan River renovation and the first stage of bike lane have been completed. The first bike lane along the water shore will be started using in Aug next year. Some citizen can’t wait to bike there to enjoy the speedy ride.
This bike lane is along the Qing Xi River in Taoyuan City which is also under one of the river renovation plans promoted by ex-County Magistrate, Chu Li Lun. The bike lane is constructed along Nan Kan River, from Nan Kan First Bridge in Queishan Township to Nan Kan River Bridge in Lujhu Township, total 15 KM, cost NT$ 400 million, it was divided into 9 construction projects, will be completed by Aug next year. The bike lane will pass through Queishan, Taoyuan, Lujhu and the Water Management Office of Taoyuan City Government planned to have big sports parks in these 3 areas.
The first stage of construction is from Queishan Lu Quang Bridge to Zhang Shou Rd which is at the foot of Hu Tou Mountain Park, sounds like the dream of a children’s song has been come true.
Aside from the bike lane and walkway along the riverbank, there is also a big green zone park beside the Lu Kuang City in Queishan Township, people can skate, play balls in the playground, there’s leisure area for old people as well.
The 2nd and 3rd big green zone parks will be set at the foot of Hu Tou Mountain in Taoyuan Dist. and along the Nan Kan Stream shore under Zhong Xiao Bridge in Lujhu Township.
With all the bike lanes starting for use in next year, The Water Management Office would like to base on the main lane to establish several branch lanes to connect more than 20 schools, Hu Tou Mountain Park, Taoyuan Sports area, Taoyuan Art area, Taimall… etc to make the water shore bike lanes as a road net. Along the Nan Kan Stream shore, people can go to anywhere with efficiency and safety.
Next year, the Water Management Office will include 3 more streams, Old street, She Zi and Da Ji



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