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Back Cihu(後慈湖)


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Untouched for half a century —exploration of the military area.

Visit the war preparedness office and get a glimpse of the old-time glory days of Family Chiang.

Walk the 2-km ecological trail to experience the charm of the old-growth forest.

Enjoy a romantic night in May with the dreamy view of fireflies lighting up.


After the military ban was lifted, the mysterious Back Cihu finally unveiled its unspoiled beauty; it is now open to the public. Back Cihu is a small lake along which President Chiang Kai-Shek would stroll or row a boat with the late first lady Chiang. After entering Back Cihu Park from the side gate of Front Cihu Park, tourists will start a 2-kilometer walk over a small hill. In addition to the fascinating scenery along the trail, the commander’s office, bunkers, checkpoint gates, and offices left from the Era of Martial Law are definitely worth visiting. 

Since 2009, Back Cihu has been open to the public by the Taoyuan City Government, and 5 official residences have been retained to reconstruct the history of Back Cihu and President Chiang’s family life, as well as their living space. 

The Park contains a wide variety of fauna and flora, including giant woods spiders, birds and frogs. Strolling along the forest trails shaded by Taiwan incense cedars, tourists can appreciate not only the reflection of the scenery in the lake, but also a presidential leisure activity in Back Cihu.




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Opening Hours Application time from 09:00 to 24:00


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