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Daxi Zhongzheng Park(大溪中正公園)


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Saturday: Open 24 hours a day


Visit the cliff-side trail and Hanguang Building to enjoy the unobstructed view of Kanjin.

Discover the remains of shrines such as toro (stone lantern) and pilgrimage route hidden in the woods.

The only remaining Tang-style sumo wrestling ring in Taiwan. Observe its fine wood craftsmanship.

Reminisce about the Taisho era of Japan in the first park in Daxi.


Visiting Zhongzheng Park can feel like time traveling back to the retrospect of some good old fun. In 1909, Daxi Street is developed as a Japanese colonial strong hold. Dakekan Park, the first park in Daxi was then built according to the urban planning of a “Model City”. The Taiwan shape of the park symbolizes the persevering patriotism that refused to bow down to Japanization. The park was renamed in 1975 as Zhongzheng Park in memory of Chiang Kai-shek.

The park consists of four plazas. The Sailboat plaza situates at Taiwan’s head which is a perfect spot to enjoy the picturesque view of Daxi Bridge crossing the majestic Dahan River. Local livelihood and culture evolves around woodenware, and a spinning top is a well received toy. Accordingly, the Spinning Top Plaza encompasses the spirit of Daxi culture with the spinning toy as a symbol. Statue Plaza commemorates the Northern Expedition and Anti-Japanese momentum featuring a main sculpture of Chiang Kai-shek on a horse. The sumo wrestling ring in the center of the park is a wooden Tang-dynasty pavilion. The simple and unadorned architectural design originated from local carpenters. Beams and pillars are made of hinoki hard wood without any nails, showcasing the exquisite carpentry craftmanship. The aerodynamic roof is covered by black copper tiles. The nostalgic Japanese style along with the hinoki aroma make people reminisce about the past glory of the sumo sport.

Hidden amidst the flourishing Zhongzheng Park, Daxi Shrine is the first shrine built in Taoyuan. Visitors might miss it unknowingly if it were not for the guiding lights of the five rock lantern added in recent years. The original worship hall and main hall were demolished after retrocession of Taiwan. The remaining foundation of the shrine was reconstructed as Chaoran Pavilion. The stone tables and chairs in the park are also remains of the shrine with vague kanji carvings like Chaoho and Fengna, An additional story was built in 1975 named Hanguang from which visitors can observe the gorgeous view of Canjin.
Fuxing Pavilion is another Japanese built site that remained. In 1930, many Japanese policemen died when oppressing Atayal people. The authority then, Hsinchu Prefecture established a memorial monument inscribed “Loyal Souls”. After demolishment of the monument, a Chinese pavilion was built on the original cornerstone.
Zhongzheng Park flourishes in a variety of greens. Yellow water lilies and butterfly ginger lilies bloom in the pond. Camphor trees, ficus trees, lagerstroemia subcostata, Formosan gum, autumn maple trees, pinus thunbergii, sweet olives, bald cypresses are all inhabitants of the park rich in history and scenic beauty.    

If you want to see Daxi old town from a different perspective, ride the 16m-high transparent elevator to enjoy the view of Daxi river terraces. Without sweating over the stairs, you can have the view in a mere 10 seconds. For those who prefer travelling at a relaxed pace, do consider visiting the cliff-side trail: 450 meters of easy walking trail extending from the Sail Boat Plaza to the Zhennan Temple Plaza. You will find yourself surrounded by greenness and the beautiful sunset at the hanging observation deck and the running water of Daxi River will be just within reach.



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  • Hiking Trail


■The trail below the park can connect to the well-known Daxi Bridge.
■There are mosquitos and bugs in the park. Long-sleeved shirts and pants of breathable fabric are recommended.
■Traffic controls on part of the sections on holiday.
■Opening hours of the second floor of Chaorangting (Chaoran Pavillion) is 8:00-17:00.
■The transparent elevator is opened 7:00-19:00.
■Bicycles are not allowed into the elevators.


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