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Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail(百吉林蔭步道)


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Before the completion of the Baiji Tunnel, the way from Daxi to Mt. Jiaoban, Baling and other Fuxing mountain areas was mostly through the Baiji Foot Trail (originally named as Shikuiken Historic Trail). It was an important transportation trail from the Qing dynasty to the Japanese colonial period. Since the availability of the light railway in the Baiji Tunnel in 1944, Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail no longer played the role of a transportation hub. In 1949, Cihu became a military restricted area, and thus veiled the Baiji Foot Trail with a sense of mystery. The concealment of the Baiji Foot Trail has been up to half a century long, and its natural ecology hence escapes developments and destructions.
Visiting the Baiji Foot Trail is not only for the immersion of historical culture, but also for experiencing the incomparable natural beauty. From spring to fall, visitors can see the black-winged firefly, Luciola cerata E. Olivier, and the firefly Pyrocoelia prartexta Olivier, and also enjoy the tranquility of the forest at night with spots of fireflies. When winter comes, there are chances to meet the Mountain Scops Owls, the bamboo patridges, the Taiwan blue magpies, and the Grey-chinned Minivets, making it a tour filled with unlimited surprises. Visitors can find a great variety of plants along the trail and the most well-known is tung flowers. Every May, tung blossoms fall on the meandering trail like beautiful white snow and create a romantic ambience. In addition, cuckoo, Formosa palm, tuberous sword fern, common free ferm, swamp manogany and other tree species are strewn randomly across the forest. Swallowtails butterflies, bush brown butterflies, dark palm dart butterflies, and stripped blue crow butterflies fly through the forestry here and there.
The 2.8 km Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail is a wide asphalt pavement for pedestrians only. It is not as steep as other historic trails, and therefore a suitable one for beginners of all ages and for families and kids. Along the way, just enjoy and bath in the raw forestry, be awakened physically and mentally by phythoncide and anion, and experience an ultimate relaxation. On the mountain top, visitors can have a panoramic view of Daxi and enjoy the boundless vision, which proves worthwhile. The Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail also leads to Dajiuqiong Historic Trail, Xizhou Park and other tourist attractions.




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■ The trail is situated at about 7.5km on the North Cross-Island Highway. Please enter from the forked road on the left of the Baiji Tunnel. The total length of the trail is about 3 km.
■Tung flowers bloom around April and May.
■After passing Cihu, the destination is about 5km on Provincial Highway No. 7.


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