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Xihai Flower Garden Zone(溪海花卉園區)


Posted Date:2008-12-10



Attraction Highlights
-An area of 2 hectares — have fun on the most beautiful cycling path.
-Flower arrangement DIY and garden afternoon tea — change into a floral girl at once!
-Beyond pure white — colorful arum-lily festival, an extravagant floral feast.

Do you know the source of flowers for both Taipei International Floral Expo and Taichung Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival? The answer is Xihai Flower Garden Zone in Dayuan, Taoyuan City! Xihai Flower Garden Zone is also the main supplier of flowers to Taiwan's three major flower markets: Huwei, Neihu, and Jiankuo! Most people’s impression of Dayuan is none other than seafood tasting at Zhuwei, or a spot on the way to and fro the airport. However, few people know that Dayuan is not only an important flower production area in Taiwan but also a wholesale hub for the flower markets. Xihai Flower Garden Zone covers an area of ​​2 hectares, with the plantation of sunflowers, cockscombs, fragrant lilies, freesias, lavenders and so on. As for the herbs, there are the African impatiens, wax begonias, scarlet sage, golden dewdrops, colored calla lilies, and evergreen potted plants. Flowers bloom all year round, so you’ll never be disappointed anytime you visit the Flower Garden Zone. You can have fun whether riding a bicycle and roaming leisurely through the ridges of the boundless orange Cosmos bipinnatus, or walk into the sunflower fields and feel the extreme romance of being surrounded by the sea of flowers.
In addition to the beautiful sea of flowers, Xihai Flower Garden Zone has stationed a number of characteristic farms that are great places to visit, too. For instance, Hechun Flower Farm offers potted cactus DIY activity. First, put the one-inch tall cactus into a pot and sprinkle some colored stones into it. When the glue is solidified, the healing cactus pot is completed! If visitors crave for some afternoon tea, D & B Green Teahouse is the place to go. Enjoying a pot of herbal tea with some crispy pancakes while watching the aircrafts taking off and landing is quite a way to relieve the daily stress as time slowly slips by. Flowers & Herbs Leisure Farm is a natural classroom for visitors to learn about herbal plants. Besides viewing colorful and fragrant flowers all year round, it would be an eye-opening experience to see some rare and unusual plants in the farm. Many farms sell their products at a price lower than that in the market. Why not visit Xihai Flower Garden Zone and bring "green happiness" home?


Opening Hours Open throughout the year. Most farms open from 08: 00 to 17: 00
Charge Admission fee depends on each farm.


  • Parking Lot
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Flower Garden Zone’s blooming season is from October to mid-November.
Sunflowers and Cosmos bipinnatus flowers are in full bloom all year round.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


May pull over at the roadside or park at the parking lot of each farm.