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Taoyuan Tourism


City-level Scenic Areas

Beautiful Scenery

Taoyuan's municipal-level scenic areas are rich in biodiversity and natural scenery. They are wonderful choices for a summer getaway and for a tranquil session of bird watching. During late autumn, the trees along the Northern Cross-Island Highway transform into a symphony of purple, magenta, red, and yellow colors, attracting many photographers who wish to capture her beauty. A total of 34 -plant species with leaf color-changing characteristics are found in Taiwan, many of them in high altitudes. The Green Maple, Formosan Gum, Taiwan Red Maple, and Wax Tree are the most common amongst them. As the weather becomes cooler, the municipal-level scenic areas in Taoyuan embrace visitors with a vibrant display of color.

City-level Scenic Areas

City-level Scenic Areas

Xiaowulai. A Summer Getaway and ideal bird watching location

Xiaowulai is located in Yisheng Village and Luofu Village in Fuxing Township. It is marked by its gorge and waterfall topography. Major attractions include the Xiaowulai Waterfall, Sky Trail, Waterfall View Building, Longfeng Waterfall, and the Balancing Rock. Xiaowulai is home to the Xiaowulai Sky Trail, which has been voted as Taiwan's most romantic destination. The trail, made of transparent glass, is located at the source of the waterfall, allowing a top-down view of the beautiful river valley and waterfall.

Lala Mountain. Natural Treasures

The high altitudes of Lala Mountain allow for diverse plant life and environments. Home to many butterfly species, it is a renowned destination for butterfly-watching in northern Taiwan. Lala Mountain's surrounding mountains and forests also feature plants of the Fagales family, which are an essential part of beetles’ natural habitats. A scenic bridge links the visitor's center, the butterfly hall, and the beetle hall as one. It transforms the visitor's center into a comprehensive ecological education site. Featuring excellent resources and services, even a simple stroll down the bridge can be a remarkable learning tour on biodiversity.


Recommended Attractions