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Taoyuan Tourism


Riversides and Ponds

A Blessing from Nature

Taoyuan is known as the Land of a Thousand Ponds. The ponds and pools scattered across the county played an important role in irrigation and water storage. Though they no longer serve such important functions, the ponds and pools are now increasingly the subject of nationwide renewal efforts to preserve and promote their cultural, ecological, scenic, and recreational values.

Riversides and Ponds

Riversides and Ponds

Biodiversity in the Ponds

Abundant natural resources can be found along the Northern Cross-Island Highway, an area rich in biodiversity. Both low and mid altitude biosystems can be found here. Daxi Town is a good location for low-altitude nature appreciation, where birds, insects, and frogs can be spotted in Touliao and Cihu. This is a visit not to be missed by nature lovers. Daxi is also an important water source, with the Shihmen Reservoir, Dahan River, and Touliao Pool all located here. These water bodies add to Daxi's charm as an ideal destination for vacation.

Dahan River Views

Daxi River originates in Hsinchu County and flows through Taoyuan, eventually joining the Tamsui River. River transport led to flourishing business and commerce activities that contributed to Daxi's early boom era. The Daxi Bridge spans the Dahan River. Its Baroque architecture and night lighting design leave a deep and enduring impression on visitors. With its romantic views overseeing the Dahan River, it is a favorite dating spot amongst young couples.

Lake Scenes in Cihu

Cihu was originally known as Piwei. It was also called Dongkou ("cave opening") because of its close proximity to the Baiji Tunnel. Houcihu is a crescent-shaped lake that was originally known as the "dragon over Piwei."Being a military restricted area for many years, Houcihu's environment and biodiversity have been well-preserved. Camphor and incense-cedar are the most symbolic types of plant life in the area. The lakeside trail is excellent for watching birds, butterflies, and maple leaves.


Recommended Attractions