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Taoyuan Tourism


Hidden Paradises near Shihmen Reservoir

Ride Your Bike and Enjoy the Sceneries

The Shihmen Reservoir offers stunning and multilayered views all year-round. Shihmen Reservoir is in proximity to over a dozen attractions. The reservoir area is filled with green parks and scenery. Attractions include the bike trail, the cruise boats, the dam, the floodway, the plum garden, the viewing platform, the lake wharf, Xizhou Park, Qilin Park, Jiadonglin Park, Luanshulin Park, the Five-color Spring, etc. The Shihmen Reservoir is also a great place to watch the transformation of leaves, especially during winter when the maple trees turn into a brilliant shade of gold. The plum blossoms, not to be outdone, turns into a captivating sea of white. During springtime, the peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, and azaleas bloom complement each other and charm visitors with a fascinating array of floral beauty.

Shihmen Reservoir

Shihmen Reservoir

Admire the beautiful scenery on the comfort of your bicycle

The Shihmen Reservoir Bike Path is a 3-km bicycle trail that surrounds the downstream weir. Circling the water, the bicycle path offers tranquil views of the surrounding mountains, with gentle breezes and refreshing mists accompanying you on your cycling journey. The small mountain to the west of the Shihmen Dam is roughly 550 meters in altitude. With no higher ground nearby, a visitor at its peak can take in the beautiful scenery of the reservoir as well as the streets of nearby Longtan and Daxi. This convenient tourist trail has become a favorite for hikers in recent year.

Enjoy Tea and Hakka Culture

Taoyuan is rich in Hakka history and culture. The Sankeng Old Street, known as Longtan's first street, is one of the many Hakka clusters in Taiwan. The street is home to the Taoyuan Hakka Culture Hall, which has the largest collection of Hakka audio and visual resources in Taiwan. It is a cultural attraction with educational and interactive resources, a visit not to be missed by any tourist. Longtan Township is also a tea producer and renowned for its award-winning Longquan Tea. Enjoy your Hakka cuisine with a pot of fine tea while you take in the scenery, and immerse in this incredible luxury for your senses.


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