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Nostalgic Beauty‧Forgotten Time (古色古香․被遺忘的時光)

Posted Date:2016-12-20

Popularity: 1749

Nostalgic Beauty‧Forgotten Time (古色古香․被遺忘的時光)
Post Department of Tourism, Taoyuan- Director
Day 1 Day
Season Autumn
Transport City Bus、Bicycle、Drive
Category History Tour
Zhaiming Temple Ancient Trail (Ancient pathway to the temple-worship) → Yucheng Road Ancient Trail (A trail once visited by the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito) → Daxi Wood Art Ecomeseum (Stroll through the Japanese-style Dormitory)→ Daxi Old Street (Try tasty dried bean curd, have a cup of coffee in a stylish cafe transformed from an old house, and watch the beautiful sunset)