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Jiaobanshan Easy Tour- 4hr Itinerary (角板山達人攻略-4小時遊程)

Posted Date:2017-10-30

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Jiaobanshan Easy Tour- 4hr Itinerary (角板山達人攻略-4小時遊程)
Post Department of Tourism, Taoyuan- Director
Day 1 Day
Season All Seasons
Transport City Bus、Drive
Category Ecological Tour、History Tour

Suggested itinerary: (Travel time included)

Jiaobanshan Residence (1.5 hr) → Jiaobanshan Commercial District (0.5 hr)→ Fuxing District History and Culture Hall (0.5 hr)→ Daxi Tea Factory (1.5 hr)
Jiaobanshan (Jiaoban Mountain) has the superb scenery, the residence of the former President Chiang Kai-Shek, the antique Camphor Collection Station and the exhibition that tells the glorious time when Taiwan produced more than half of the world’s total output of camphor. There are many popular Facebook check-in locations nearby, such as Daxi Tea Factory, Loufu Bridge, Sanmin Bat Cave etc., all of which should not be missed. Jiaobanshan in depth tour is right here waiting for you!