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Leisure Tour on Provincial Highway No. 7 (台7線青山綠水小旅行)

Posted Date:2018-03-07

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Leisure Tour on Provincial Highway No. 7 (台7線青山綠水小旅行)
Post Department of Tourism, Taoyuan- Director
Day 1 Day
Season All Seasons
Transport City Bus、Drive
Category Ecological Tour、Culinary Journey
Xiaowulai Skywalk (Visit this famous tourist attraction to appreciate the astounding natural beauty) → Daxi Tea Factory (Explore the 100-year-old history of tea-making) → Chuan Xiang Hakka Restaurant (Delicious Hakka cuisine) → Daxi Old Street (Discover all the hidden gems and secret spots) → Lai Ma Ma Tofu Pudding Specialty Store (Try tofu pudding that provides creamy and bouncy mouthfeel) → Pine Garden (Eat and relax at the garden restaurant) → Longtan Night Market (500+ vendors gather here to satisfy your street food and shopping cravings)