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Nature and Culture‧Hutou Mountain Suburb Tour (自然人文․市郊好遊虎頭山)

Posted Date:2016-12-20

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Nature and Culture‧Hutou Mountain Suburb Tour (自然人文․市郊好遊虎頭山)
Post Department of Tourism, Taoyuan- Director
Day 1 Day
Season All Seasons
Transport City Bus、Bicycle、Drive
Category Ecological Tour、History Tour
Martyrs' Shrine and Shinto Shrine (The best-kept Shinto shrine outside of Japan) → Owl Forest School (Wooden walkway, a Tree Classroom to understand trees and their ecology) → Hutou Mountain Park (Take a deep breath of fresh air along the hiking trail) → Confucius Temple (Scenes of the period dramas) → Hutou Mountain Environment Protection Park (Enjoy the spectacular night view of Taoyuan)