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Bade: Cycling around Hakka villages

Posted Date:2022-12-27

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Bade: Cycling around Hakka villages
Day 1 Day
Transport Bicycle
Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
Bade Xiaoli, located between the two metropolitan areas of Zhongli and Taoyuan, is a land of fish and water. Due to the differences in elevation, a rich and unique culture of laundry pools has been formed. Xiaoli's abundant cultural assets, such as the Wu Family's Zhide Hall and the Shimu (Goddess Stone) Temple, are quite famous. The North Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Hall, commemorating Lai Pi-hsia, a musician known for performing Hakka hill songs, is also located here. Why not hum a Hakka hill song and visit Bade on a cycling tour?

Route Planning:
North Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Hall → Fushan Temple Pond Ecology Park → Xiaoli Yuyuan Temple → Qing Cao Shi Di (Lu Ancestral Hall) → Shimu (Goddess Stone) Temple and Laundry Pool → Zhide Hall → Baozhong Yimin Temple → Xiaoli Pond


Lunch fee, round-trip transportation fee


During the tour, you will need to ride a Youbike. Please bring your registered EasyCard with a stored value of at least NT$150.