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Longtan: "Dabeikeng" Tea Culture Experience

Posted Date:2022-12-27

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Longtan: "Dabeikeng" Tea Culture Experience
Day 1 Day
Transport Drive
Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
Dabeikeng is one of the oldest tea-production areas in Taiwan, whose secluded location makes it feel like an out of this world paradise. With its beautiful verdant rolling hills, simple and unadorned Bogong (Earth God) temple, century-old houses, and time-honored Hakka craftsmanship, a visit to Dabeikeng will enable you to learn about the southernmost settlement industry and ecology of Longtan.

Route Planning:
Taiwan Hakka Tea Museum → Dabeikeng Visitor Center → DBK Young Studio Experience Classroom


Lunch fee, round-trip transportation fee, guided tour fee, Admission


■ For tour reservations and experiential classroom inquiries, please contact the Dabeikeng Rural Development Association at (03) 479-4720.
■ As there will be many outdoor activities during the trip, please bring your personal medications, mosquito repellent, rain gear, and sun protection essentials.