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Longtan: "Samgabsuiee" Hakka Tea Culture Experience

Posted Date:2022-12-27

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Longtan: "Samgabsuiee" Hakka Tea Culture Experience
Day 1 Day
Transport Drive
Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
Samgabsuiee is nestled among the mountains and forests, with a tranquil environment and the fragrance of tea wafting through the air. It forms a beautiful tea-scented landscape together with the Taiwan Hakka Tea Museum. Visit "Beyond the Hill" bookstore to appreciate the village's details and the appeal of local creativity; sit quietly in the "He Kiln Cultural and Creative Park" to brew tea around the stove and make your own kiln-baked pizza, experiencing the aroma of tea plantations and wood-fired kilns. Finally, head to the "Taiwan Hakka Tea Museum" to taste the unparalleled elegance of Taiwanese tea.

Route Planning:
Beyond the Hill bookstore → Sanhe Nature Ecotour → He Kiln Cultural and Creative Park → Taiwan Hakka Tea Museum


Lunch fee, round-trip transportation fee, guided tour fee, admission


■ For tour reservations and guided visits, please contact Beyond the Hill Bookstore at 0911-897-391.
■ It takes a 15-minute uphill walk from Beyond the Hill to He Kiln Cultural and Creative Park. Please consider your physical condition before signing up for this activity.
■ As there will be many outdoor activities during the trip, please bring your personal medications, mosquito repellent, rain gear, and sun protection essentials.