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Zhongli: The Urban Hakka Lifestyle

Posted Date:2022-12-26

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Zhongli: The Urban Hakka Lifestyle
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Transport City Bus
Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
In the bustling streets of Zhongli City, the hidden, extensive Hakka spirit can be found. The most down-to-earth way to explore this area is by means of guided walks through the lively markets, where the sounds of vendors and the rich aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables create a familiar yet foreign, exhilarating atmosphere. Paying respects at Renhai Temple and visiting Shengji Pavilion embody the traditional Hakka values of reverence for the written word and cherishing paper. The Japanese-style dormitories on Zhongping Road bear witness to the City's transformation, while the daily life and culture of the urban Hakka people continue to flow.

Route Planning: Xinming Public Market → Xinming Theater → Dongbin Barber Shop → Old Minsheng Market (Sweet Potato Market) → Youxin Confectionery → Old First Market (Big Clock) → Tang Tasty Pork Floss → Shin Jan Shian Peanut Brittle → Zhongping Road Story House → Central Park Rest Stop → Zhongyang Village Fude Temple → Xinjiexi Riverside Trail → Zhongli Jiangxia House → Renhai Temple → Zhongli Shen Ji Pavilion


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■ For tour reservations and guided visits, please consult the Taoyuan Art and Culture Front Facebook page.
■ The sightseeing tour is primarily made on foot, which takes about 2-3 hours’ walking. Please assess your own physical condition.