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Taoyuan Tourism


One-day Trip starting at Taoyuan International Airport MRT(機場捷運一日遊)

Posted Date:2017-03-23

Popularity: 3849

Post Department of Tourism, Taoyuan- Director
Day 1 Day
Season All Seasons
Transport Others
Category Master lead、Arts Fashion、Culinary Journey、Others
Walk to Formosa Plastics Group Museum from A7 Station (Discover the brilliant history of the petrochemical kingdom) → Walk around 750 m to Taoyuan Sake Brewery from A8 Station (Buy great wine for souvenirs, or DIY of Shio Kouji) → Walk 150 m to Global Mall Linkou A8 Branch from A8 Station (Satisfy your shopping desire) → Walk 800 m to Kengkou Community Painted Village from A11 Station (Great photo-taking place and check-in location) → Walk around 700 m to Aerotropolis Vision Hall from A17 Station (Walk and read about the past, present and future of the Aerotropolis) → Walk 270 m to Gloria Outlets (Collection of hundreds of international brands) from A18 Station → Walk 800 m to Blue Pond Park from A19 Station (Taiwan’s native plant ecology, River view from Tower of Hope) → Walk around 800 m to Zhongli Tourist Night Market, Zhongli Liuhe Shopping Area from A21 Station (Great collection of foods, drinks, fun, and entertainment)


For visitors going to Formosa Plastics Group Museum from A7 Station, you may take Taoyuan Bus Line 202, get off at National Taiwan Sport University Stop and walk along for around 200 m.